Founding Declaration

The admission of new members to the party takes place in
their presence from the meeting of the party organization, based on
manually completed and signed application - declaration for individual
membership and survey card according to a model accepted and approved by the National
executive committee /NIK/' in compliance with the Law on political
parties. Membership Declaration.pdf

Who Can Be a Member

anyone over 18 years of age, able-bodied citizen of
The Republic of Bulgaria, which accepts its Program, complies with the Statute and does not
belongs to another party.
(2). Membership in the party is personal and is an expression of the individual's will
personality and desire, does not create an advantage over other citizens and is
expression of voluntary agreement to comply with all decisions of the bodies of
the party.
(3). Persons for whom a special
membership in a political party is prohibited by law.
(4). Persons who, before 01.01.1990, cannot become members of the party.
were full-time or part-time employees or associates of the former
State security
(5). Persons who have been convicted of
crimes against the Republic, within the meaning of the Penal Code,
even if they are rehabilitated.

Rights and Obligations of Members

Art. 22. Every member of the TRUTH AND ONLY PEOPLE'S PARTY
TRUTH has the right:
(1). To participate in the development and implementation of policy and
(2). To elect and be elected to the party bodies
(3). To elect the candidates of the TRUTH AND PEOPLE'S PARTY
ONLY THE TRUTH in central and local government
(4). To be selected as a candidate
local government;
in the bodies of the central and
(5). To request and receive information from all national,
territorial and control party bodies;
(6). To address criticisms, suggestions and questions to all party members
(7). They cannot be nominated as party candidates in the bodies
of the central and local authorities, as well as for members of the European
parliament from the Republic of Bulgaria, persons who were employed or unemployed
employees or associates of the Sixth Department of the former State
security. Persons who have been regular or part-time employees or
employees of other State Security departments cannot
be promoted as candidates of the party in the bodies of the central and
the local authority, as well as for members of the European Parliament from the Republic
Art. 23. Each party member has the following duties:
(1). To work for the implementation of the party's program and its own
goals and objectives, complying with the Statute and implementing the decisions;
(2) To participate in the activities of the party and in the election campaigns;
(3). To have a collegial attitude towards the other members of
the party and its bodies;
(4). To contribute is one's behavior in society to strengthen
the authority and prestige of EVERY citizen of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Termination of Membership

Art. 20. Membership in the TRUTH AND ONLY PEOPLE'S PARTY
TRUTH terminates due to resignation, expulsion or death.
Art. 21. (1). Any member of the party may leave it by giving notice of
this the party organization with a written application or with an oral statement
to its meeting and return your membership card. The oral statement
must be recorded in the Minutes of the meeting at which it was made.