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Credo Mutwa shares the hidden history of Earth's reptilians...

Credo Mutwa shares an amazing and quite compelling story from his ancestors about an alien invasion and the cause of the pain and suffering we see in the world today.

He is a famous African Zulu Sangoma from South Africa who has been handed down ancient esoteric knowledge from his ancestors and forefathers that help to understand ancient history.

The Zulu Elder has a personal experience that confirms the knowledge given to him, namely, of the Reptilians, which he calls Chitauri, who rule the Earth

Credo Mutwa, the African Shaman, also known as the Wise Elder
Credo Mutwa, the African Shaman, also known as the Wise Elder

In fact, much of David Icke's main thesis was derived from Mutwa's knowledge.

In an interview, Mutwa explains:

“The Zulus claim that many, many thousands of years ago, a race of lizard-like creatures arrived, creatures that could change shape at will.

The people who married their daughters to these aliens created a bloodline of kings and tribal chiefs. There are hundreds of tales, sir, in which a lizard woman assumes the identity of a human princess, impersonates her, and marries a Zulu prince.”

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At 94, Credo Mutwa is increasingly sharing this knowledge and personal experience. Unlike most people, however, the Zulu shaman claims that these "aliens" aren't really conventional aliens at all. He believes that they are not from a distant planet, but are actually from Earth or somewhere nearby.


Mutwa says:

“These so-called aliens do not come from far away at all. I believe they are here with us and I believe they need substances from us, just as some of us humans use certain things from wild animals, like monkey glands, for certain selfish purposes of our own... Too many people fall into the temptation to view these "aliens" as supernatural beings, sir. And they are just creatures…”

The shaman believes that the reptiles have sinister intentions, and before they arrived, humans lived as one.

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He continue:

“… The Chitaurs came to Earth, they arrived in terrible vessels that flew through the air, vessels that were shaped like great bowls, and that made a terrible noise and threw terrible fire into the sky.

The Chitauri told the people they forcibly gathered with whips that they were great gods from heaven, and that henceforth they would receive a number of great gifts from them.

These so-called "gods' were like human beings, but very tall, with long tails and with terrible burning eyes. Some of them had two yellow bright eyes and some had three eyes, with the red, round eye being in the center of their forehead.

These creatures then took away the great powers that human beings possessed: the power to speak with their minds alone, the power to move objects with their minds, the power to see into the future and into the past, the power to travel spiritually to different worlds.

All of these great powers were taken away from the Chitauri people, giving them a new power, the power of speech.

But to their horror the people found that the power of speech divided human beings instead of uniting them, for the Chitauri cunningly created different languages and caused great strife among the people.

Also, the Chitauri did something that had never been done before: they gave the humans rulers and said, "These are your kings, these are your superiors. They have our blood in them. They are our children and you must listen to these people because they will speak for us. If you don't, we will punish you terribly."


Before the Chitauri came, human beings were one spiritual entity. But when the Chitauri come, human beings are divided both spiritually and linguistically.

And then, human beings received strange new feelings from the Chitauri. People started feeling insecure and so they started building their houses with very strong wooden fences around them. Human beings began to become state-makers.

In other words, they started creating tribes and tribal lands that had borders and defended them against any possible enemy. People became ambitious and greedy, wanting to acquire wealth in the form of cattle and seashells.”

Whether or not what the shaman says is real is obviously debatable. But it seems to contain a resonance that sounds more palpable than creationist explanations or the big bang with its evolution...

If you want to learn more about this amazing story, watch David Icke's interviews with the African shaman below.

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