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The era under the leadership of the archangel Michael

The era under the leadership of the archangel Michael

God has decided to fix the world and He will fix it. We are now entering the age of Archangel Michael[1]. It is associated with solar forces. Therefore, we can say that a solar culture is coming to Earth. Archangel Michael will come, he will blow his trumpet. He's not going to blow up a storm, he's going to play so that when people hear it, they're going to say, 'That's music.' When he plays, they will come to listen. He will blow his whistle and the dead will rise.

The Sixth Race type has begun to take shape already on Earth, there are such types almost everywhere. Archangel Michael is now on the scene, for a number of years he has assumed the leadership of the age. When you get discouraged, think of Archangel Michael.

The present order must be broken and the forces at work disintegrated. Christ must come forth for good men to come, to develop. Read the last chapter of Daniel.

[And at that time the great prince Michael, who intercedes for your people, will arise; and there shall come a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation until that time; and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that is found written in the book. And the multitude of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. The wise shall shine with the brightness of the expanse, and those who convert many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever. (Dan. 12:1-3)]

This Michael, who is spoken of here, is Christ's general. It is he now who acts between the churches, which, being unable to agree, are caught against each other. Bad people must either turn to God or destroy themselves. Now there is no more delay. No law will be able to oppose the coming of Christ. Christ will come to set things right and justice will become the cornerstone. Every person should be given the right and society to change. Once and for all the hypocrisy and thieving must cease, for one man has lied to you many times, and he will lie to you now. On the other hand, any righteous person who feels sorry for a sinner, God will tell him to exchange places with him. The world must be punished and everyone is about to be given what they deserve. Because you are at the eleventh hour, it is spoken to you; others should not be spoken to. On earth there are all the conditions for a good life, but due to our fault, not everyone is given the conditions.

Until now, the good have served the bad, and from now on, it will be reversed: the bad will serve the good. The times in which you live proceed normally, in a natural order. God has begun to cleanse the world, but only intelligent people know this. The current ministers, bishops, priests, if they steal, not only they, but also their family will disappear, no memory will remain. It must be understood that there is order and order in the world. Now the archangel Michael is the commander, he is the one who competes on earth with the evil spirits that he will scatter, scatter and turn their thoughts against them. All the saints will come to earth, but they are waiting for favorable conditions, and these conditions Christ will prepare for them to come. These good men will come for evolution, not that they will be better off.

You are at the door of an era in which a cleansing is taking place. He who is right will serve the most. There will be no more greed that everyone wants to cheat you. You have waited so many years and now you are at the door, there is no reason to groan. Good people have no need to cry, but when you see how the Lord farts, rejoice, because it is a blessing. Once all the evil spirits are cast out of people, the world will be fine. You who are in the eleventh hour whom you meet must send them away to walk in the way of truth. And for the rest, when the sufferings come, they will learn them. Many misfortunes could have come to Bulgaria, but we prevented them, and in the future, if the Bulgarians do well, they will be better assisted. But if they are wrong, karma is ripe and the worst can follow for them. Start serving God with prayer and cleansing within yourself. The world will be purified as the karma of the people is purified, and then the earth itself will be purified climatically.

It is Archangel Michael who is now working to establish the will of God on earth!

The teacher


Nimrod and Semiramis – the occult figures behind Easter

Nimrod and Semiramis – the occult figures behind Easter

Basic Setting, Backstory, Origins, and Symbols

Even the little children who are the first to discover the planet (especially if it is called a pioneer) it is clear that the holiday that today you call "Easter" existed long before anything Christian.
This is not denied even by the church, so there is no point in going on an antithesis at all, ok? In fact, did you know that there is nothing in the Bible that authorizes or validates the celebration of this tradition? Something more. The Bible doesn't mention Easter eggs, baskets, little fluffy bunnies, or even… Easter fasts! Everything listed so far is part of the Babylonian mysteries and has nothing to do with Christianity in any way. Now try explaining that to the bigoted grannies in your neighborhood church choir 

Easter has its root in the occult calendar, which is divided into 4 periods of 13 weeks each (4 x 13 = 52, which is 1 full year). Why 13?
In the occult system, 6 = man, 7 = of divine perfection or god, and 13 = rebellion against higher authority and corruption (6 + 7 = 13). So in the satanic world, the number 13 is a symbol of the person who has attained divine perfection and enlightenment independent of the Source.
Easter falls in the second portion of the 13 weeks that begins at the vernal equinox (approximately March 20-22). March 21 is one of the nights on which the Illuminati perform human sacrifice.
Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. This is a tradition that celebrates the return of Semiramis in her new incarnation as a spring goddess.
But let's start from the beginning.

Nimrod and Semiramis are one of the occult figures in world history whose names are different in different cultures. These are still the same figures, the rituals that are performed in their name are the same, just the names are different, because of the specifics of different peoples.
The Babylonian goddess Ishtar is the one after whom Easter is named. In English Easter is "Easter" (pronounced Easter) and you can make the phonetic connection with "Ishtar" yourself (even in Babylonian "Ishtar" is pronounced exactly like this - "Easter"). In fact, Ishtar is just another name for Semiramis, wife of Nimrod - the real creator of Babylon and a black magician (I already mentioned this in the material for February 14). Semiramis created the legend that Nimrod was actually her divine son whom she bore through an immaculate conception. Semiramis is considered the co-creator of all occult religions along with Nimrod.
Easter, the day of Ishtar, is celebrated by many cultures and religions around the Earth. Her other faces in human cultures are:

1. Babylon - Ishtar (Easter - Ishtar/easter), also called the "moon goddess"
2. Catholicism – Virgin Mary
3. Egypt - Isis
4. Multiple pagan religions - Diana
5. Etruscans - Nutria
6. Greece - Aphrodite
7. Hinduism – Devaki (Krishna's mother)
8. Rome - Venus


When Nimrod was killed, his body was torn into pieces and sent to different parts of his kingdom. Semiramis collected all of his pieces except one. His penis. Semiramis said she could not bring Nimrod back to life without the missing organ and told her people that Nimrod had ascended to the Sun and would now be called Baal - the Sun God. So Nimrod became a god-man, and Semeramida - his wife and mother - became the queen of Babylon.
The queen also said that Baal would be present on earth in the form of a flame in the lamp or lamp to be used in worship. Soon Ishtar became pregnant and said she conceived from Baal's sun rays.

She named her son Tammuz.
Tammuz was extremely attracted to rabbits and for this reason they became sacred in ancient religion because people believed that Tammuz was the son of the Sun God Baal.
Tammuz, like his supposed father, became a hunter. One day Tammuz was killed by a wild boar. He was then 40 years old. Ishtar told the people that Tammuz had now ascended to his father and that the two of them would be with their worshipers through the sacred flame of the oil lamps in the form of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Ishtar was revered as a virgin and the Mother of God and Heaven. The candles represent the sun god Nimrod. Occultists around the world adore and use candles in their rituals and ceremonies. Also, different colored candles are used to channel different meanings and energies. The extensive use of candles is usually a VERY good indicator that the service is pagan, no matter how things appear on the surface. That's why on Easter the whole city is lit up by people carrying candles, that's why every year the Orthodox world gets its ritual fire from Jerusalem (probably lit by the same astral entities that served ancient Babylon or just by some leshper with a lighter), that's why you light candles in the church basically not at all!

325 AD at the Council of Nicaea officially approved the worship of God as the Holy Trinity (Trinity) in the person of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Semiramis also declared a 40-day period of mourning each year in honor of Tammuz's death. Each day equaled one year of Tammuz's earthly life. During this time, meat was forbidden. After the fasts were over, they had to eat pork in order to punish the person responsible for Tammuz's death. Therefore, in the West today (on Easter) the so-called "easter ham" or "Easter ham" is consumed, which is mandatory for the table.

(In the Orthodox tradition, lamb is eaten, which is for other reasons, which I will explain later.)
Among other things, the pilgrims in Babylon were supposed to meditate on the mysteries connected with Baal and Tammuz and to paint the sign "T" on their chests (for Tammuz), which later became the basis of the cross. They also made sacred loaves with this sign above it. Every year, on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, a feast was held.
The first year after Semiramis died, she descended from the moon in a giant multi-colored egg that landed in the Euphrates River (an alien reference, as you should have been clear from the beginning). This happened on the first full moon after the vernal equinox. She appeared in her reincarnated form as a spring goddess. As I said, Semiramis was known as Ishtar, which in Babylonian is pronounced the same as Easter, and her moon egg became known as the easter egg - the egg of Ishtar - the Easter egg. It is precisely for this reason that today we dye eggs on Easter.
Babylonian legend says that every time on this day, Ishtar falls from the sky with an egg.

Because of her fertility, Semiramis was considered the goddess of fertility and fertility.

A typical depiction of the goddess Diana (Semiramide/Ishtar).
Her multiple breasts are a deliberate trick to allude to
her abnormal, divine fertility.

Easter became her holiday - the day of fertility. On this day, in those times, among other things, mass orgies were held in honor of spring and rebirth. So when you celebrate Easter, you are actually celebrating an ancient Babylonian cult of sexuality and fertility. The egg is also connected in this line of thought because it is the symbol of the birth of something new - a new energy resulting from the coming together of two other energies (sexual act). The egg is also a symbol of interstellar travel or interconnection. Remember that the new "version" of Ishtar descends to Earth in an egg, which is a very appropriate and non-accidental shape. Some esoteric sources, for example, say that the universe is egg-shaped (something that adds a whole new dimension to the symbolism of the whole story, but I won't talk about that now, so as not to get further confused and digressed).
To this day, there is a tradition in the west where people hide Easter eggs around nature/the house and let children search for them. This is called an Easter Egg Hunt. In the Middle Ages, eggs were often dyed red and symbolized the blood of Christ (how pleasant and suggestive of consumption and general joy!). Today, over 1 billion painted eggs are hidden in parks, backyards, and even the White House lawn at Easter in the United States.
This (today) game originates from the belief that if you find an egg of the goddess while she is "reborn" then she will bless the lucky person. And because it was a joyous and colorful spring holiday, the eggs were painted with bright spring colors.

Several other sources tell us that today's Easter has roots in more recent times, which of course, while an esoterically pathetic claim, is worth looking into as it adds some additional nuance to the whole picture. which are ultimately true. And although newer than the Babylonian mysteries, these cults are much older than the ridiculous Christianity that has simply stolen from here and there and created a mish-mash in which the church is already beginning to confuse itself. Either way, what is about to be described is a new reading of the Semiramis myth and nothing more.
And so. The English medieval historian Bede (673-735) believes that the Anglo-Saxon name for Easter originates from the ancient pre-Germanic Teutonic mythology. Eostre (in Bulgarian Ostara) is an Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and the month of April is dedicated to her, and celebrations in her honor are organized during the vernal equinox. In their desire to make Christianity more acceptable to pagans, Anglo-Saxon Christians began to use the name "Easter" for Easter, as the Christian holiday "coincidentally" coincided with the ancient celebration of the coming of spring (shocker).

It is an interesting fact that the name of the hormone "estrogen" originates from the name of the goddess "Eostre". For you little guys out there, estrogen in females is synthesized by the follicle cells in the ovaries. As the follicle matures, they gradually accumulate in the follicular fluid. When ovulation occurs, their level in the blood rises sharply - this is the so-called estrogen peak, which stimulates sexual activity and the search for a sexual partner in female individuals. I.e. fertility and sex are again central to the whole concept, as with St. Valentine, and there is little beyond that. Back to the question
The Teutonic myth of Ostara tells how one winter day, she was walking through the forest and found a bird dying of cold and hunger. The goddess turned the bird into a rabbit (her favorite animal) because they had warm fur and could find food much easier than any bird. So our rabbit survived the winter, and when spring came, the animal began to lay eggs, because it was once a bird. The rabbit began to decorate the eggs, leaving them as gifts to Ostara in gratitude. This is the legend behind all the cute scenes that wash over you at this time of year - a rabbit scrambling colorful eggs.
Anyway. What the hell does a rabbit have to do with the agony of Christ on the cross, and what is the place of a fluffy little flapper on a holiday like the "resurrection"?
Here's what. It was believed that the totem of the goddess - the moon rabbit would lay eggs for the good children. The Hare of Eostre was the shape that the Celts visualized on the surface of the full Moon (because Semiramis was a moon goddess).
As has been said many times, Easter/Ishtar/Ostara was the goddess of fertility. Since the rabbit is the creature that reproduces the fastest in nature, it symbolizes the sexual act and lust. It is precisely for this reason that the rabbit is considered a sexual symbol. That's why Playboy's symbol is a rabbit, that's why a woman pretending to be a bunny with ears is considered sexy, that's why today we have the so-called white rabbit programming on the Monarch project (separate topic), that's why in "Alice in the Land of miracles' you have a rabbit jumping down a hole (vagina), that's why in 'The Matrix' Neo's journey begins after the words 'follow the white rabbit', which is practically a tattoo (imprint) on the shoulder of a girl (sex slave). Because the rabbit is an ancient archetype for sex.
The egg, on the other hand, as I said, symbolizes birth and renewal. Together, the two, the Easter Bunny and the eggs, symbolize the sexual act and its outcome. Which reminds me…
Cracking eggs. Cynics always take the opportunity to take the egg in their hands and say with a smile "let's fuck each other", the sexual connotation being more than obvious. The poor peasants do not know how close they are to the truth. In fact, since the whole of Easter is a sexual celebration of fertility, over time, egg-banging has replaced real banging - hence the orgies that used to take place. Today this is not socially acceptable (although times are coming when debauchery will reach Babylonian proportions) and so we symbolize this ancient process through eggs - the symbol of fertility and its goddess. Think next time before you egg on Easter. Better to suggest to the other person that you play the ritual in its true form than to pose with this ersatz 

Other pagan traditions that are associated with the celebration of this holiday and are part of our modern celebration of the day are the Easter gifts of the Queen of Heaven (consisting of plucked fresh flowers, hot cakes decorated with crosses and cupcakes in the shape of stars). Another inherited tradition is new clothes for the holiday (also very common in the west). The pagan priests wore new white robes and robes on this holiday, and the Vestal Virgins wore white robes plus little white caps. Rituals were performed at sunrise to symbolically celebrate this year's anticipation of the sky goddess's egg—the reincarnation of the spring goddess.

Anyway, from Babylon these occult practices spread to Egypt, Asia, Europe, North and South America - all over the world and were subsequently included in the Christian tradition.
Here is an example also from the Egyptian mysteries of how the Babylonian ancient practice was copied.
When Osiris (Nimrod) was torn into numerous pieces and scattered all over the world, Isis (Semiramis) herself set out to collect these pieces. She managed to collect everything except the genitals, which were swallowed by a crocodile - an evil spirit inhabiting the Nile.
For the man assembled in parts and revived by magic, Isis ordered an artificial golden lingam to be made - this is the phallus, the life-giving force to which the annual human sacrifices were to return. Every year at Easter, another specially chosen hermit in the midst of cult action, in front of the dumbfounded crowd, cut off his own dick and threw it on the altar of Isis. Nice, eh?
In time, this ritual began to arouse a feeling of disgust among the people, and the priests before the altar of Isis transformed it into a sacrifice of sacrificial phalluses made of dough - what today in the church are called kozunaci. Accordingly, the white coating of the kosunaka on top and the decorated hen's eggs complete the whole picture. You can tell the grannies in the churchyard munching on the sweetbread with their fake teeth that these are dough dicks. They will hardly understand you, but at least you will have tried :))
Although Christians see cross loaves as a symbol of Christ's crucifixion, they actually originated with the Anglo-Saxons, who made cross loaves in honor of Ostara. These crosses represented the quarters of the moon and the connection with the earth. Kozunak as such was first prepared in France in the 7th century. Today, I myself witnessed how kozunak is "knitted" in a cruciform pattern, which is a harmful energy matrix that you then absorb and voluntarily allow into your energy. I was amazed at how far things have come and how innocently they have survived to this day. About this imprinting, however – later.
Passover is called the scale model of the Egyptian curd pyramid, which specifically indicates the main symbol of the place where this pagan cult originated - a tower in the form of a pyramid / cone / ziggurat known today as the "Tower of Babel".

As you yourself know, the majority of the population of the Earth was then located in this very area (in the lands of today's Iraq) and most of them participated in the occult practices of the religion of Nimrod and Semiramis. Strange or not, this is also the first concept and attempt at a one world government and one world religion ever on Earth. This is precisely why you will hear very often that the Illuminati want to revive the old Babylon. It is precisely for this reason that the headquarters of the European Union today has the shape of the Tower of Babel.

With the worship of the male principle, the pagans began to mark the arrival of spring. In all these spring festivals, the same symbols of the male principle were present among different peoples: eggs and eggs. (Another interesting endeavor would be to track things from the perspective of “The Terra Papers". Why did a holiday that was originally a goddess and fertility cult (think Queen of Orion) shift to a male figure. (Apparently, there was a shuffling of the board at some point.)
The holiday is held every year with the participation of a large number of people. Annual participation in this magical cult is like making a wax doll out of the whole world and burning it every year. The same magical ritual.
Sacrificing people is complicated now. But what is the difference, in what form will the victim be? It is always a symbol, not so much a physical manifestation (which is also not without significance). On Easter, the sacrifice is the kozunak of a certain shape, with a white top.
If it is too complicated to give up the tradition, you can simply make kosunacs without giving them a particular shape.
It turns out that for centuries humanity has been participating in the same magical ritual, for which one always pays with one's own energy, respectively - and with one's own well-being - this is the first moment.
The reason is that Easter - as an ancient magical rite of sacrifice and orgies - causes a violation of the general energy of humanity.
You should treat everything calmly: do not be afraid, do not impose your opinion on others if they do not want to listen to you. Decide for yourself that you do not participate in this ritual and try not to give in to provocations. When you understand how the System works, but you do not act along with it, and your environment does not understand this - you can expect an attempt at vampirism: to be annoyed, angry, pierced energetically.
Try to be lenient with people at this time. If possible, explain to the person the essence of the process, if not - it is not worth forcing information for which the person is not ready. Everyone has the right to be as crazy as they want. If you have internally declared that you have nothing to do with it and understand how it all works, the rite no longer works for you. This is why knowledge is so important. Because in many cases it is energy independence.

Church mourning

I am attaching an excerpt from an article by an Orthodox priest on the Internet. Comments in parentheses without italics are mine:

Dyeing eggs on Easter is not an occult practice, but part of church symbolism (mhm). This is what Father Sylvester from the Sliven Church "Sveta Sofia" told Radio "Focus" - Sliven. The priest said that on Maundy Thursday we paint eggs to remember a miracle that happened under Emperor Tiberius with Saint Mary Magdalene. "After the Resurrection, Mary Magdalene was admitted to the emperor in the morning and there was a tray of boiled eggs next to him (the patricians were offered boiled eggs in the morning). When Mary Magdalene gave him the good news about Christ and His resurrection and the salvation of the world, Tiberius asked "How will you prove this miracle to me?" (a very reasonable question - it is unprovable) When he said these words, the eggs that were next to him turned red. In fact, we paint the eggs to show the miracle that Saint Mary Magdalene performed in front of Tiberius," said Father Sylvester. He also explained the symbolism of egg wrestling related to the tomb of the Savior (that will be interesting). However, according to him, the symbolic cross that grandmothers make on children's foreheads with the first dyed red egg is not a Christian practice (no shit?). The Easter rabbit is not an Orthodox tradition either (it can't be! The rabbit isn't Christian?!).

You can see how the church is trying to instill, despite the simple obviousness that it is copying pagan holidays, the idea that it is an independent discoverer and innovator in a field that has long been conquered by other structures. Let me ask you a simple question Father Sylvester (no irony). You and I are auto mechanics and we work together. You invent a unique way to prevent the entire system of the car and you patent it. After 3 years, I "think" exactly the same thing and make it my independent idea. Yes, I admit, yours predates mine and both are the same, but still mine is different and I want to sell it (propaganda, mind you).
Who is the miser in this case? Of course I do. But no, yours is different isn't it? You are celebrating Tiberius, not Ishtar. Give me a fuckin break, would ya?! Why doesn't someone just come out and admit that your institution is full of pity, human misery and anguish? It will make you feel so much better! Such a load you carry all these centuries! Just think!
Something more. To the dismay of many Christians, if there is a real Easter, it must be on the Jewish holiday of Passover, when the mythological figure of Jesus was actually crucified.
Each year this date was on a different day of the week. Christ rose on the 3rd day after that. The scriptures testify that it was then the first day of the week, ie. Sunday. But each subsequent year the Passover was on a different day of the week.
Some believe that Easter and the Jewish Passover are the same thing. That's not the case either. Easter can be three weeks "away" from Easter or coincide with it. This is due to the fact that the pagan holiday is always fixed to be the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. The true Passover and the pagan Easter sometimes coincide, but are usually quite far apart.
And another thing - if it's a different day of the week, then why is it chosen to always be on a Sunday every year? And why are the sermons on this day always on the same topic? Does the Christian God respect human holidays?

Other ecclesiastical dullards

The idea that the red egg symbolizes the blood of Christ
Let's put aside the pathos of this statement and assume for a moment that it is true. Why do you think this should be "ok" and why is this a good thing? Even if we assume that you are in the beginning levels of your spiritual development (which is more than obvious) and you consider Jesus as your savior - what good do you see in the ritual of dyeing the egg in the "blood of Christ" and even more - anointing your body under the shape of a cross with this egg, as grandmothers do with their grandchildren's first dyed egg? First, the cross is a symbol of slavery, not to mention that its very irregular shape, purely energetically, creates huge breakthroughs in one's field (as opposed to the equal-sided Native American cross, which amplifies the field). Red, on the other hand, symbolizes the physical world and base human passions. Let's think about what message a red Christian cross sends. Anchoring in the gross physical planes and slavery. And that of a child. Great start. This is a marking ritual from the lower astral.

Ange's Sacrifice
Why does he always kill and eat lamb on Easter? Why does the "light" Christian religion continue to support these ancient pagan sacrifices?
The lamb is another symbol of Easter in Central and Eastern Europe. It represents Jesus and is associated with his death as he was sacrificed on the day of resurrection. Christian tradition presents its savior as the "Lamb of God." In many homes, tradition dictates that lamb be eaten on the first day after the 40-day fast (in honor of Tammuz). What does all this symbolize? Ritual ingestion of the flesh of Jesus. I myself see no logic in this and no light. Do you see her? This is nonsense similar to the eucharist and is a pure Orion ritual that has nothing to do with what is preached in the new testament. I know this is one of the new testament infiltrations and I warn you (those who care about the new testament) about it.
And when I said fasts… During fasts you have to give up something you love for 40 days. "4" is anchoring in physical reality. What is the symbolism? You anchor in physical reality the thought pattern that you are giving up something you love. Imprints are found in all sorts of similar symbols and rituals. Look behind them and unravel the meanings of reality.

"Christ is risen!"
What is this whole mantra that everyone repeats? Why is this irritating anachronism, what is its purpose at all, I do not understand? Is all this necessary?! If you're going to talk nonsense, at least talk it in an understandable language... Not to mention the "he is truly risen" response that gives me vertigo and pre-labor contractions! To the smart people who love to repeat like parrots that Christ was resurrected, you can ask the following riddle question. If Jesus died on Friday night and rose after 3 days, then why was the resurrection celebrated on Sunday, just 2 days later? A 1 million euro question that the church has no answer to :P Very suitable for fanatical grandmothers. Then ask them where the painted eggs and rabbits come from 
By the way, the lucky person who is lucky enough to wish me "christ is risen" on the e-mail will be blocked forever :))

A deeper esoteric look at what's going on

Every artificially created holiday is an opportunity for your programming to be nurtured, expanded and more deeply imprinted.
It is no accident that I first wrote the article about imprint-and then I started this one. As I have said before, all these holidays are magical rituals with origins much more ancient than we can imagine. The seemingly innocuous things and traditions that we willingly do every year mean something, otherwise YOU WOULDN'T BE DOING THEM. Get informed and find out what all this really means! In everyday life and over the years, one stops paying attention to things. I like to say that people have turned their lives into a routine without realizing how it is destroying them both internally and externally. As you cycle through your daily routine, do you have time to explore your inner and outer world more deeply? Do you understand the artificiality of everything you see and do? Do you understand the charade that is being played out in front of you? Are you able to catch the performances that are imprinted in your subconscious?
First of all (on the topic), you need to understand that organized religion has paranormal roots. Only they don't like to call her that. Instead, you hear about "miracles" that someone else can do, but not you. "Paranormal" simply means "beyond normal." Except for the fact that the "paranormal" is perfectly normal. The catch is that you think of the paranormal as special. It's not. It's natural. Christianity even goes so far in its pity and fear of things getting out of hand that it declares everything outside its own framework to be of the devil. And it is a part of you and a fractal of your natural essence.

Imprinting message: Stay away from normal and your natural state!

If you demonstrate paranormal abilities, then you are possessed by evil forces. Or you have a mental disorder. If you hear voices, see lights and colors, disembodied entities, or have other paranormal experiences, then you need a medication program to dull your pineal gland and close you off to other realities and dimensions. If that fails, you will be hospitalized. An exorcist will be called. In some cases, you will even be ostracized from society.

Imprinting message: Stay away from normal and your natural state!

Organized religion and society do not allow you to have paranormal abilities and experiences. Christianity claims that the virgin mary, jesus, saints, prophets and even the pope can have paranormal experiences and powers. But neither do you. Why?
When your attention is directed outward, to others, then you have no time to dwell within. When someone tells you that paranormal abilities are not normal and are "the work of the devil" most of you will certainly not want such experiences. You won't even want others to know that you have interests in this direction. Because of this, you are automatically self-repressing and self-monitoring. And yet the paranormal exists. Along the lines of the macrocosm in the microcosm - it is already within you and you cannot escape it. Those who control us know that what is repressed will eventually manifest. The repressed vibration erupts with aggression and is uncontrollable.
Your controllers know there must be a safety valve to keep the suppressed in balance with the unsuppressed. In this line of thought, you are offered religious icons. Virgin Mary, Jesus, the saints, the prophets, the Pope. Religious icons act as a safety valve. They have paranormal abilities. They provide just the right amount of paranormal experiences for the masses to be labeled "miracles". It takes your attention away from yourself. You don't want these experiences because:

• they can come from the devil
• can lead to physical disability
• you may be declared mentally ill, be unmedicated or hospitalized
• you may think you are spiritually unclean or possessed
• you cannot find a truthful source of information

You can begin to question whether your experiences are real or just a dream because they fall into a framework far beyond the formally drawn one.
When you find someone you can trust, then you start learning from that person. He becomes your teacher. The more you deepen your understanding of things, the more you may feel that you are equal to your teacher. Very soon, you begin to recognize the patterns and see that your teacher is just a person with his own negative attachments alongside the positive ones you have been learning from until recently. You begin to feel superior. You lose respect for your teacher; perhaps you go so far as to think him nothing, and slander him everywhere you go. Because your programming is gaining strength. And specifically crucifixion style programming. This programming is systematically imprinted not only on Christians, but on everyone, regardless of whether they are aware of the conventional biblical story of Jesus. The bottom line is that Jesus came to save people. The very people he came to save crucified him.

Imprinting message: Praise those who come to help you.

And you do. You crucify your leaders. You crucify anyone who tries to get off track. Anyone who knows their way around better than you. You terrorize, push, shove and bully this person until he falls into the mud. Not next to you, not behind you, you step on it and walk over it. Why are you leaders, philosophers, dreamers - anyone who would lead you away from the status quo. This is group consciousness activated in full force. This is why people often react differently when they are in groups and when they are alone. These are weak people, without any life, who accumulate some phantom sense of strength only when they are with the herd.
I'm talking about all this because you don't even suspect how much the story of Jesus is imprinted in your consciousness without even having to believe anything.
The cross is a symbol of slavery. Every time you cross yourself, you imprint your thought pattern with a "slave".
Every time you see a cross, you yourself are imprinted on a subconscious level with the symbol of slavery and this can be seen in your aura.

Imprinting message: You are a slave.

Let's take it one step further. Jesus is often depicted nailed to the cross with his feet nailed to the base and arms outstretched at his sides, hands nailed to the wooden frame. His body looks like a 'Y'. This shape is a symbol of "choice".

Imprinting Message: Your choices are doomed to enslave you. Sing the one who tries to help you. Always praise your savior. You are a slave to this thought pattern.

It is a symbolic story that has entered the collective subconscious and is being projected into people's lives over and over without them even realizing it.
According to religion, if you behave obediently, you will be rewarded "someday". But not now that you're craving it. “You will never have what you want in this reality.” Instead, you must wait and wait until you die. Only then may you receive your reward. This is a victim mindset. "I don't deserve what I want here and now."
How is the image of Jesus and his alleged life imprinted in the minds of many people? In many people (especially if they play the role of Light Polarity) you can find the so-called "jesus complex" or "savior syndrome/programming". People who are kind-hearted, generous and loving are especially prone to this programming. They give and give to others until there is nothing left to give. They will collapse to the ground and die, while those who have been taking until recently will simply walk by as if nothing happened and look for the next one they can siphon life force from. Some men with this complex may actually grow long hair and beards to emulate the image maintained for Jesus. These people can also be aggressive and have a sense of superiority as they see themselves as the saviors of others. I have seen several of them trying to look like Danov and imitate him. People with this type of programming need to remember that they need to reclaim their own power to live their own lives, ceasing to try to mentor others. They cannot give more and more until there is nothing left for them. This is devoid of any Balance. They should think carefully about what they give and who they give it to. It is essential that these people learn to set boundaries in their lives. To distinguish those who need a hand to be pulled up from those who grab your hand to pull you down.

I'm going to say something I've said many times, but this time I just can't let it go.
Let's assume that the myth of Jesus is true and he really existed and really died for us, as absurd as that sounds. Let's also accept the position of the Light that there is karma and Jesus redeemed the planetary one. Even if all this were so - where do you see the spiritual maturity in such an act? Where is the lesson for all people in this case? Do you think you will evolve as a spiritual being if daddy always comes and saves you from the bad boys who want to take your pram? Where will someone come to atone for my sins (let's assume for a moment the possibility that there is "sin")? So I have to buy them myself! Otherwise I will never grow up!

Such a pitiful production can only be Light... You see, that's my problem with polarities. They always want to put you in a group… "It's your fault and that's why you're going to suffer now" and that kind of bullshit that gives me colic. No one can save you and redeem anything for you. There is nothing to redeem. You are here to experience the full spectrum of things. All the propaganda of religions tries to narrow the spectrum of your experiences. You are here to experience both the greatest pity and downfall as well as enlightenment. Waiting for the second coming means stopping your own development and waiting for something to save you once again. These will be the first to be cut down by the wave, I'm sure of it.

Another interesting thing that I hadn't thought about before is that almost every church has a mini-cemetery in the yard. This interacts with people on Easter and the interaction is not positive.
Among other things, I could feel the energy of the egregore that was there, even though there were no more than 200 people. There were absolutely random people who went "for fashion" or out of habit or something. They looked alike from afar. There were also true believers (mostly older people). Interestingly, egregore had an effect on both types, although one would expect that it should not have an effect on the former. However, the egregor had no effect on me, and I could sensitively feel this unconscious matrix surrounding me. This was because I understood the process going on. Therefore, awareness gives you an edge and a chance for independence. Otherwise you have no chance. Let beauty and joy defeat mind control.