Лекарите откриват, че графенът се отделя от ваксинираните с COVID към неваксинираните, образувайки кръвни съсиреци и унищожавайки кръвните клетки

Doctors find graphene is shed from COVID-vaccinated to non-vaccinated, forming blood clots and destroying blood cells

In his latest set of slides of blood samples taken from both "vaccinated" and unvaccinated people, Dr. Philip van Velbergen demonstrates that graphene injected into humans organizes and grows into larger fibers and structures, acquiring magnetic properties or electrical charge and the fibers show indications of more complex striated structures.

He also demonstrated that graphene "chunks" were transmitted from "vaccinated" to unvaccinated or unvaccinated people, destroying their red blood cells and causing blood clots in the unvaccinated.

Dr. Philip van Velbergen ("Dr. Philip"), Medical Director of biomedical clinics , was one of the first to warn the public about the damage done to people's blood by Covid injections, publishing images last year of blood samples under a microscope.

IN beginning of July 2021 Mr. dr Philip was interviewed on a South African community channel, Loving Life TV . He explained that when his patients begin to complain of chronic fatigue, dizziness, memory problems, even sometimes paralysis and late onset of heavy menstruation (women over 60), he takes blood samples. Their blood had unusual tubular structures, some particles that glowed, and many damaged cells. Few healthy cells were visible. Until three months ago, he had never seen these formations in the blood. We now know that these tube-like structures are graphene.

Since then, Dr. Philip has been regular guest of Loving Life TV : whistles the experimental implementation of the Covid injection; providing updates on the increasing blood damage from experimental Covid injections over time; and providing updates on the Covid situation in the UK and South Africa.

On February 12, 2022, Dr. Philip returned to the Loving Life TV , to release images of his recent blood sample slides.  The live stream it was long so Loving Life TV split it into two parts.

First part is a discussion including answers to questions from the audience.

In second part Dr. Philip presents images of his recent blood slides and explains what the images show. He discusses nearly 100 blood slides from "vaccinated" and unvaccinated patients. His slides showed that unvaccinated patients were "infected with vaccine toxins through shedding."

Below is a short clip from part two, courtesy of the channel The Timeline Post in Telegram.

Dr. Philip (Part Two), The Blood Slides, February 12, 2022

Below is an image of a typical healthy red blood cell seen under a microscope, what blood should look like. There is no coagulation or foreign bodies in it.

The following image is of a person who has been injected with the experimental drug Covid. The blood is coagulated, the deformed red blood cells stick together. The cell circled in the image is a healthy red blood cell, one of the few in the image, located next to the graphene fibers. You can see the size of the graphene fibers relative to the size of the red blood cells. Fibers of this size will block the capillaries. You can also see that the graphene fibers are hollow and contain red blood cells.

A few weeks before the video below was made, Dr. Philip began noticing a magnetic or electrical polarity effect on different sides of the graphene fibers. In the image below, to the right of the fiber, the cells are coagulated, and on the left side, there is what appears to be a gap or roughly back in the shape of a "C" distance. Dr. Philip says that this "behavior" had not been observed before, but now, suddenly, it is seen in almost every sample. That's an indication that "these things have changed, their reaction with the surrounding blood cells has changed ... and I don't know what caused it," he said.

The image below is a blood sample from an unvaccinated or unvaccinated three-year-old child. It shows pieces or "chunks" of graphene that "result from shedding," in other words, the graphene was passed from "vaccinated" parents to their unvaccinated child.

Below is the image of a blood sample from an eight-year-old unvaccinated child whose blood was contaminated and destroyed by transmission of graphene from people around him/her who were injected with Covid. The child's right arm and upper right leg are paralyzed, the child cannot raise his right arm and the hip does not function properly.

Dr Philip's presentation is truly eye opening and terrifying - a must watch, especially for those who proclaim that Covid shots are 'safe' and insist that people be injected. The Covid injections are weapons of genocide and how the people who designed them still walk free is amazing.

You can watch the presentation below or at Loving Life TV HERE .



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