Наноструктурите във Covid „ваксините“ не се самосглобяват, те се конструират от микро-машини

The nanostructures in Covid 'vaccines' do not self-assemble, they are constructed by micro-machines

During an interview with Australian podcaster Maria Zee, Dr. David Nixon revealed a video of nanotechnology in the assembly of Pfizer's Covid injections. They do not self-assemble, Dr. Nixon explained, but rather are assembled by nanorobots or micromachines. The work of these robots is done at such a slow pace that the work they are doing is not detected unless the video is played at about 100 times real-time speed. To demonstrate, Dr. Nixon cut his 3-hour video down to about a minute. Dr. David Nixon is a general practitioner based in Brisbane, Australia, with a special interest in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and long-term disease management. In a previous podcast with Maria Zee, Dr. Nixon revealed his findings about nanotechnology in Covid injections. He also discussed how shielding the vials in the Faraday bag stopped the structures from forming. A Faraday bag is used to block electromagnetic radiation; for example signals sent between mobile phones. You can read more HERE and watch this earlier podcast HERE . In his latest revelations, Dr Nixon released a video he filmed of the contents of a vial of Pfizer's 'Covid vaccine'. He put roughly four drops of Pfizer's "vaccine" on a glass slide, put it under a microscope at 200x magnification, and filmed the slide for three hours. In real time, it looks like nothing is happening. “But look what happens when I speed this up,” Dr. Nixon said, “it's clear that we're dealing with something completely different from self-assembly – it's nano-construction… it's not self-assembling, it's essentially, I guess, micro-construction . Dr Nixon points to two micro-machines in the video working to build the same nanostructure 'square' and comments that 'it is assembled from, essentially, micro-machines that are coordinated. You can't see anything in real time, nothing seems to be happening. It's only when you speed it up [you can see it]. I can't even think of a technology that works at such speeds... Not only does it happen very slowly, but it also happens in a coordinated way.” Read more: Nanostructures in Covid 'vaccines' don't assemble themselves; they are constructed by micro-machines




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