Much of the mainstream media focus lately has been on how the reckless madman Russia is poised to go nuclear. The Wednesday, October 19 headline from notoriety Daily Mail of the UK reads: 'Weak' Vladimir Putin turns to 'deeply irresponsible' nuclear rhetoric as he has 'few options' left, says Britain's chief of defense staff. And on Tuesday, October 18 , title from The Sun : “Mad Vlad is feared to be on the verge of detonating a nuclear weapon over the Black Sea in a show of force as the Defense Secretary climbs to Washington.” This is predictive programming propaganda that is inevitably preparing the world for World War III.

These alarming disinformation lies come just as British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace abruptly canceled a scheduled appearance on Tuesday before the House of Commons Defense Committee to attend emergency meetings in person at the Pentagon and the White House with the US defense secretary. Lloyd Austin, whom I mentored half a century ago when he was a freshman at West Point. Austin proves the old West Point adage wrong, "to be a good leader, one must first learn to be a good follower." It's more accurate to say once an ass-kissing order follower, always an ass-kissing order follower.

Little Lloyd has become the quintessential fat cat bureaucrat-politician general, in the same mold as former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus , who usually punches his ticket with a brown nose to get to the top. For three years I was in the same first regiment as Petraeus and defeated his future father-in-law and NATO Commander at Federal Court – West Point, Superintendent General William Knowlton , for failing to allow the Fifth Amendment constitutional right of fair trial , getting up the first cadet , was able to legally challenge an unjust West Point system after 170 years of existence.

General Petraeus regularly makes the rounds as the mainstream media's favorite CIA-controlled talking head, expressing how certain he is that Putin is becoming "desperate," "losing" the war, and that his failures are "irreversible" in the face of a battle with superior Ukrainian combat power and how the US will destroy Putin's army with nukes if "Mad Vlad" dares to use a tactical nuke, something Ukraine has demonstrated it is already guilty of using. Again, Ukraine and the US always falsely accuse the enemy of the same crimes they commit. Newsweek article from October 2 quoted former CIA Director Petraeus:

The Ukrainian president  Volodymyr Zelensky  and the Ukrainian military "have mobilized far better than Russia" and "recruit, train, equip, organize and use forces incomparably better than Russia."

The former FBI counterterrorism expert Hal Turner wrote that the fact that UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace had to fly all the way to Washington instead of simply using "secure communications" strongly suggests that:

The subject is an actual nuclear war and they don't want the communications to be intercepted. Defense Secretary James Heapy said Mr Wallace had met his US counterpart to  the kind of conversations that [are] really amazing, the fact that we're in a time where these kinds of conversations are needed." A defense source said: “The defense secretary is in Washington to discuss shared security concerns, including Ukraine. He will visit his counterpart at the Pentagon and senior figures at the White House.

The powerful are deliberately sending the message to the masses that 5 of our nearly 8 billion people on this planet could easily be fried in radioactive waste as hapless, doomed victims of World War III, all because of today's Hitler - Vladimir Putin. They want us to be horrified that we have reached the end-status of Code Red Def Con 1 and that nuclear holocaust is inevitable. While the elites fraudulently wage war on our minds, manipulating and instilling in us feelings of doom and gloom, defeatism and a complete sense of powerlessness, the controllers keep us exactly where they want them, their power literally feeding off our negativity and fears, while the cowardly more they are easily taken obediently straight to the slaughterhouse.

the most the popular world news of Reuters on Tuesday, October 18, was:

Russian missiles have crashed into infrastructure targets in Ukraine in what appears to be a deliberate campaign to destroy electricity and water facilities ahead of winter.

After consecutive weeks of US-Ukrainian terrorism, the Nord Stream pipeline explosions and the Kerch bridge, Vladimir Putin is wrapping up his troop mobilization by the end of October and is likely to launch a series of offensives starting in November to chew this up. what is left of the Ukrainian armed forces. During the cold winter months, manpower depletion is likely to result in a victory for Russia and regime change in Kyiv. But to try to thwart this inevitable outcome, the West will probably throw us into a nuclear world war through a false flag incident that will try to blame Putin for using tactical nuclear weapons and trigger the larger nuclear war in Europe with battle of US and NATO Russia. This dangerous disaster would also offer Biden the excuse to declare an international emergency that cancels the November 8 eventyou elections.

Another top news story this week is that Liz Truss resigned from his post as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Thursday, October 20 , after just 44 days in office, the shortest prime ministerial tenure in British history. She will remain Prime Minister for another week while the next British election takes place. Although the apologies si , Liz Truss continued to wander and was hated for 44 days. Last month, on September 5th , she went from being the UK's foreign secretary of war to the next day as the UK's new leader, replacing Boris Johnson's rejected bastard on the 6 September, 2022. Truss' poor leadership skills have completely turned around with zero trust from her British citizens. From the outset, her record-low ratings, like her demented con-doppelgänger across the pond, meant that the cabal's political stooges would fall in droves around the world.

No sooner had Truss' "mini-budget" been announced, causing major chaos in the UK's house of cards financial market, than she had been out of office for a month when the Queen knighted former British intelligence officer Colonel Philip Ingram MBE told the press that Truss had already committed the cardinal sin of violating " a phenomenal security breach ". Although Truss' reported security breach is similar to Hillary allowing public access to her tons of classified email documents, Liz Truss allegedly mistakenly made her encrypted personal phone number publicly available, along with 25 phone numbers. belonging to key cabinet members, including her chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, who became the first domino to be sacked last Friday, 14 Octoberafter their scandalous budget announcement rocked the UK's already shaky economy, plunging Liz into a quagmire of distrust.

Their £45bn package of tax cuts for the rich off the backs of the working class went over like a lead balloon. Punished by the International Monetary Fund, lowering her approval rating even further, and accused of destroying credibility in her Conservative Party, she fired Kwarteng and hired Jeremy Hunt, who has been practically fuming for a week as caretaker prime minister after dumping her entire budget in an effort to restore market confidence and party confidence. This neat girl from the WEF is an insult to the struggling global masses. On top of that, she chose only her cronies as members of her cabinet, not on merit, and her freefall has been swift and relentless, forced to humiliatingly let go of several of her closest allies this week, before having to step down yesterday. Feigned apologies won't do, tax cutter for Britain's wealthy Mrs Lizzie Borden. Her downfall is, of course, also a rebuke to Klaus Schwab, the Rothschilds and their Nazi-fascist globalist takeover.

On February 6 2022 d. the pulp of media mogul Rupert Murdoch The Sun published a spicy, sensational and highly revealing article "exposing" Russian collusion just 18 days before Putin's intervention in Ukraine on the 24 February . The outlet reports that it has stopped a staged false flag in the making that was designed to ostensibly blame the government in Kyiv for the alleged fake video that has surfaced showing a would-be Ukrainian saboteur preparing a dirty bomb containing radioactive material. This kind of dangerous false propaganda in the run-up to Putin's special military operation in Ukraine is being spewed to the world by people like the papal knight non-Catholic a jewRupert Murdoch, as the upcoming joint Ukraine-US/NATO invasion of the Donbas region was about to begin, to further engage in ethnic cleansing, adding to the 14,000 deaths of ethnic Russians killed between 2014 and February 24 2022 d. Despite this being presented as a failed false flag attempt, evidence is mounting that Ukraine actually possesses and apparently even launched tactical nuclear weapons already in the Donetsk People's Republic. And now the chances are high that we will witness another false flag where Ukraine, posing as the Russian army, will probably launch a nuclear strike. The latest incident reported during a Russian media discussion roundtable this week saw one of the commentators reveal that the Ukrainian nuclear bomb threat was reported inNikolaev in the Kherson region to be used as a fraudulent excuse for the US to drop nuclear weapons on Russia.

The speculation are now amplified by many geopolitical analysts and independent journalists, myself among them, who claim that the international criminal cabal is very likely planning to carry out in the next few days a false flag or a series of catastrophic false events just before November in the US 8 -mi by-elections. Rumors based on mounting credible evidence are circulating widely on the internet, many concerned that a tactical nuclear weapon could be detonated either in Ukraine or somewhere in Europe, of course to falsely blame the Russians. On Thursday, October 20, New York Poston behalf of the CIA just published an article alleging that Russia is planning a “false flag attack on the Kherson Dam ahead of the battle for the region.” The Russian-appointed governor of Kherson recorded a video earlier this week in which it states that Ukraine "plans to destroy the Nova Kakhovka power plant before a 'large-scale offensive.' Waiting for the dam wall to be destroyed and the upcoming Kherson offensive, a week ago on October 14 , Russian officials urged residents in the region to evacuate immediately, promising them free accommodation in other nearby areas in Russia.

This is the Khazarian mafia's oldest trick in its MO book, always projected on targeted enemies, whatever crimes the mafia has committed. The false flag(s) will be the incendiary explosion designed to simultaneously trigger a hot nuclear WW3 used to justify an international emergency as the ruling cabal's convenient excuse to cancel the US election and allow the illegal impostor Biden regime occupied by marxist leftists to wake up a totalitarian democratic party as neocon zionist traitors to stay in power to finish the job of completely destroying America from within as the final obstacle to creating their fascist one world government tyranny.

There is also a degree of speculation that Liz Truss' political downfall was indeed the result of a much bigger security breach than the one mentioned about her leaked phone number. A month ago, on September 20, Trot met controversially with the French president Emmanuel Macron, with whom Boris Johnson had a falling out over a failed French submarine deal last year. After an agreement with France to build conventional diesel submarines for Australia, the Australians abruptly cut off another deal. A year ago in September 2021, it was announced that Australia had abandoned its French deal in favor of the newly signed US-UK nuclear submarine treaty. Despite ambivalence about meeting Macron, making earlier comments that he didn't know if Macron was a friend or an enemy, Truss and Macron were then on friendly terms, separately quoted as saying they had moved forward as "friends" and allies, while she demonized Putin as their common enemy.

Truss and Macron met for the second time within a month earlier on October 6 in Prague, where Putin in Ukraine was high on their agenda. After all, Trot and Macron are affiliated with the World Economic Forum. Truss is wined and dined by Klaus Schwab in Davos. She even used the WEF buzzword, arguing that “the British economy needs from reset ". During his meeting with Macron, in addition to discussing Putin as a major nuclear threat, Truss is said to have raised the contentious issue of close 8,000 migrantsillegally crossed the Channel from France to the UK in September alone, after a wave of 30,000 arrived in the UK in the first 8 months of 2022, already surpassing last year's total. But then the globalists are actually behind the world refugee crisis, calling it "multiculturalism", this is no different than the collapse of the global economy recast as their Great Reset.

In any case, it is speculated that the actual security breach by Liz Truss that upset the British establishment the most, that caused her unprecedented downfall as Prime Minister, was that her loose lips could easily have sunk the crime cabal's ship. She is suspected of sharing with Macron the upcoming US-UK/City of London nuclear plan to blame Russia for starting WWII. This may be what is really behind her "phenomenal security breach" that forced her to resign. Within days of his meeting with Truss in Prague, Macron suddenly sounded off, making an extremely strange statement, accusing Putin, of all people, of provoking the the Azerbaijani attack last monthof Armenia. The last thing Putin wants or needs is another hot spot war on Russia's doorstep between two Russian allies, especially right now with his disputed military operation in Ukraine. Still, if Truss told Macron about the upcoming false flag blaming Putin for the reckless use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, then it makes perfect sense why Macron would continue this way, trying to paint Putin as a demon trying to create World War III using nuclear weapons did it.

The Cabal, now commonly called the Zionist Khazarian mafia , consists of the Rothschild central banking cartel along with the NWO conspiratorial partnership with the infamous Rockefeller clan, the royal black noble bloodlines of Europe among other lesser known illuminati bloodlines , hidden behind powerful occult secret societies which for centuries have acted as planetary masterssupporting and creating both sides in every major war, economic depression, every major pandemic, including the fake coronavirus and its genocidal murderous holocaust. The Luciferian points of power on earth are the City of London (home of the Rothschild banking cartel), the Vatican (religious controller and paedo-network kingpin with aristocratic bloodlines), and Washington (ie "America, Inc.", abused for for well over a century as a world battering ram for military and economic conquest and unipolar hegemony along with the fiat money controller the Federal Reserve as the Rothschild central banking cartel embedded in America), the United Nations of New York (model for one world government), the manipulated theft from Wall Street and its branch of the Federal Reserve, and finally, the headquarters of NATO and the European Union in Brussels.

Since Ukraine is the current epicenter of WWII , it has also long been a high-octane source of revenue for the cabal's unchecked, thriving organized crime industry. An out-of-control black budget that illegally launders trillions dollars per year for the criminal cabal, is generated by worldwide trafficking in child sex slaves/young women, illegal [and legal] drugs, illegal [and legal] weapons, and harvested human organs. With dozens of laboratories of the biological weapons cabal funded by the US Department of Defense located throughout Ukraine that have the fingerprints of the dirty Pedo-Biden crime family all over them, and with the related biolaboratories for Coronavirus Ukraineto the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which until Putin's Special Military [Cleanup] Operation this year was an integral part of the global mafia capital amassed by organized crime like the Devil's landing of the elite in Ukraine. The complex of the Biden family, which is so close to the sex-trafficking port of Mariupol, was attacked before dawn on January 1 2021 , confiscating suitcases full of cash, as well as underground tunnels beneath the complex that contained evidence of both child sex and heroin trafficking. Of course, combat zones create large displaced populations opportunistically attacked by sex traffickers who kidnap or buy missing childrenand vilely exploited to supply child sex slaves to the global trafficking network. My five volume book series Pedophilia and empire : Satan, Sodom, and the Deep State lays this scourge of the earth wide open in full detail like no other, including head for Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

With the aforementioned ruling elite's dirty money generating trillions of dollars suddenly cut off by the usurper Putin, the international criminal cabal is neutered, forced into bankruptcy now. Since practically all the -major central banks currently they are insolvent and the death of the fiat US dollar as an international reserve currency, the global economic collapse is the great cabal reset that is now upon us. As the cabal is more fully exposed for its worldwide crimes against children and humanity, in response the death cult's grip tightens as a last ditch effort by the Khazarian Rothschild mafia grasping at straws to maintain absolute your power and control slips away every day now.

Having gone overboard with Covid-19, the elite are in full swing carrying out their long-planned genocidal depopulation scheme that cabal leaders Klaus Schwab and king charles III affectionately called theirs "The Great Reset." Their unprecedented perfect storm of deliberately engineered continuous destabilizing crises coalescing to explode for maximum effect all at once – the fuse lit, igniting the countdown to the finale of Armageddon . Russia and its strategic allied partners China and Iran emerge as a multipolar coalition alternative to defeat the centralized bloodline run by The West . Meanwhile, millions more die from the bioweapons they invented poisons , hunger and mass hungerare caught, coupled with widespread growing poverty and impoverishment, freeze to death in northern climates during the coming long dark winter, while the mass murderers bring their global food and energy shortages behind more of their bogus climate change/green agenda . Meanwhile, the World Bank's implementation of their digital currency ( WBDC ), which with low social credit scores for non-compliance and non-compliance results in frozen bank accounts amid prohibited, removed cash.

With so much at stake and impending disaster to prevent human progress and evolution from moving forward, too much depends on the outcome of life and death to remain passive or ignorant. An evil post-apocalyptic nightmare may manifest in the not-too-distant future unless we humans rise up to oppose these malevolent forces. The New World Order cabal is on the ropes now, but so are we. They are working overtime in an attempt to make the human species extinct, replaced by altered DNA filled graphene nanoparticle hydrogel electrically conductive transhuman machines, enabled by 5G AI quantum computers for mind control. The tools of enslavement are designed and weaponized to drastically reduce humans to a robotic hybrid species that owns nothing and has no mind to be happy, trapped on a permanent satanic dystopian prison planet. We are only months away according to their agenda for the finale with an ever-narrowing window to rise as one human species armed with truth to overcome and defeat these demonic non-human beings who have ruled over a divided and conquered earth for far too long.

Joachim Hagopian  is a West Point graduate, former Army officer, and author of “ Don't let the bastards get off ,” exposing a flawed US military leadership system based on tickets punching up the ranks, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and rank-and-file followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals destined to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the army, Joachim earned a master's degree in clinical psychology and worked as a licensed mental health therapist with abused youth and adolescents for over a quarter of a century. In Los Angeles, he battles the nation's largest county child protective services within America's utterly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

Experience in both the military and the child welfare system has prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller-controlled medical and psychiatric system is doing more harm than good, exemplifying the current diabolical fraud with pandemic and genocide. As a freelance journalist for more than 8 years, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites such as  Global Research ,  and at the moment . As a published Amazon bestselling author of a 5 book series titled  Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State , his series of sources from A to Asia exposes the global scourge of pedophilia and is available for free at . Joachim also hosts the weekly show on Revolution Radio  "Cabal Empire Exposed", every Friday morning at 6am EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!



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