The Big Reset: Klaus Schwab's WEF has plans to introduce a 'Carbon Quota' that will limit what you make, buy and eat

The Big Reset: Klaus Schwab's WEF has plans to introduce a 'Carbon Quota' that will limit what you make, buy and eat

In his 2020 book, journalist Ross Clark describes a dystopian future where everything we buy or make has a carbon value (CO2) and each household or individual has a carbon allowance, which is the maximum amount of CO2 they are allowed to use monthly. No household or individual can exceed their CO2 allowance unless they are part of the elites, who of course have no restrictions on CO2 use. "DENIAL" was a fiction until September 14, 2022 - that's just a few weeks ago. On September 14, 2022, Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum published an article titled “:

"My carbon": an approach for inclusive and sustainable cities

The World Economic Forum article can be divided into three main parts –

Part 1 - The Elites are amazed at how easily we obeyed

In the first part, the writers express what can almost be described as amazement at how willingly we submitted to the limitations of our freedom for Project Fear Covid

Here is the key paragraph:

A vast number of unimaginable public health restrictions have been adopted by billions of citizens around the world. There are numerous examples worldwide of social distancing, mask wearing, mass vaccinations and the adoption of contact tracing apps for public health

The article argues that our acceptance of Covid restrictions: "demonstrates the essence of individual social responsibility". But perhaps all it really showed was how abusive authorities using Project Fear, backed by brutal policing and mainstream media panicking, forced us into pitiful shriveled submission.

Part 2 - The Fourth Industrial Revolution

In this installment, the authors discuss how advances in technology allow our individual carbon emissions to be quantified and tracked

Here is a section:

Technological Breakthroughs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Advances in emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain and digitalization could enable tracking of personal carbon emissions.

The article gives an example of a smartphone app that can be used to measure an individual's carbon emissions:

And explains:

There are a significant number of programs and apps that allow citizens to contribute to carbon emissions by providing them with in-depth information about personal carbon choices for food, transportation, home energy and lifestyle choices.

Part 3 - How our carbon allowances will be controlled

In this installment, the article by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum offers a model showing how our rulers plan to control our individual use of carbon emissions:

This breaks down into 3 main approaches:

  • Economic behavior – our rulers will continue to raise the price of carbon so that ordinary people eat less, heat our homes less, buy fewer products and limit our travel
  • Cognitive awareness - we will need to monitor our personal 'carbon footprints' so that we can reduce our carbon use as part of the transition to a zero carbon society. As the article explains, reducing our individual carbon footprints will cover most areas of our lives: "personal carbon choices for food, transport, home energy and lifestyle choices"
  • Social Norms - We will all be given fixed quotas of what is called a "fair share" and "acceptable levels" of personal emissions. These "fair shares" and "acceptable levels" will be determined by the ruling elites

In case you don't believe this is coming, here's a link to Klaus Schwab's article from the World Economic Forum:

Carbon trading billionaires?

There is one part of our wonderful carbon-controlled future that the World Economic Forum article does not mention. I suspect that this carbon allowance scheme will also include a 'carbon trading' mechanism. This would allow ordinary people to sell parts of their carbon allowances to carbon trading companies, which would then sell them to privileged political, business and media elites. This will ensure that the elites can continue to live a life of unlimited luxury with unlimited travel, the most expensive foods and other life's pleasures, while the rest of us huddle in our tiny barely heated homes, eating locally grown potatoes, cabbage, insects or laboratory manufactured fake meat.

(A cynic might argue that this almost has an echo of Soylent Green )

And those who run the carbon trading companies are all likely to become billionaires at our expense.

Perhaps we should be grateful to Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum for such a clear description of the future they are preparing for us?

David Craig is the author of THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS , available as a paperback or e-book from Amazon

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