CBDC – дигиталната валута/дигиталният концентрационен лагер

CBDC – the digital currency/digital concentration camp

"The world is ruled by one printing house and a dozen abnormal printers." Dimcho Dimov

When you hear “TheGreatReset” (RE:SET) , the so-called “Great Reset” – what comes to mind? What exactly will they reset us? The brain activity, which for many people has long been not nullified, but simply ended? Our existence so that we don't waste the planet's resources that a handful of psychopathic printers have decided belong to them? What is it that the printer psychopaths have total power over, and we are being led to believe that we have some power too? Yes, what can definitely be wiped out are our bank accounts. The "Great Reset" only makes sense in the context of the financial system. She is the one who needs to be totally changed and transformed, but to do that she needs to reset herself first.

After the gold standard ended and the experiment of printing fiat money on a global scale began, we all became permanent victims of an endless debt cycle. Banks can print as much as they want, and this in turn creates inflation and debt. Would money have value if: 1. We didn't believe it had value 2. If it wasn't tied to debt? The fact that they are bound by debt means that those who have grabbed the wealth of the planet will want to increase the debt among the poorest to ensure even more wealth. The problem is that soon many people will not be able to afford the most basic things, which means that this system is exhausted and needs to be replaced with a new one.

Of course the World Economic Forum is not standing idly by and the plan for the "Great Reset" has been thought out, developed and put into motion. Let's recall that right on their site there was a video (now taken down, but you can see it here  ) which stated that "we won't own anything, but we'll obviously be happy about it." Now the psychopath printers have a variety of technologies and can fulfill their most cherished desire: complete control over people. Every psychopath's dream is to control their victim. What could be better than if, thanks to AI (artificial intelligence), he can realize this dream? Let's see what CBDC is and why it has nothing to do with digital money as we currently know it.

The CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) will be managed and controlled by the Central Bank. It will have the opportunity at any moment to control (stop, limit, reset) the digital accounts of its users. At the moment, each of us is in control and decides what to do with the patterned papers: whether to buy a plane ticket, go to a restaurant, buy what we need, go on an excursion, etc. You can decide to buy five juicy steaks and no one will be able to stop you if you have the required amount of patterned papers. If you pay cash at the register, it won't even be known that it was you who bought those five steaks. If you pay with a credit (debit) card, the card issuer will know that you have made a purchase at a store, but if you have enough funds in the account, they will not be able to stop you from making that purchase. In short, in the current system of patterned paper enslavement, the slave is given a certain anonymity and a false sense of control over that by which he is controlled (from birth, to death).

The CBDC envisages these “privileges” being taken away. Well, no slave needs freedom after he has agreed voluntarily to sell his faith for patterned papers ("All money is a matter of faith" Adam Smith)

CBDCs will be fully controlled by whoever issues them. He will have absolute clarity when, what and how much everyone buys. And not only! It will be able to limit the ability to buy certain goods or a larger quantity of a given good, it will be able to impose restrictions in which perimeter you can use your digital money and set an expiration date after which it becomes completely useless. Does that sound like the current digital money?

To save the grant of the sorospies (sorospia = sorosoid + uruspia (light female)) who have specialized as false-fuck-checkers let us indicate the source of this claim: a conference on Cross-BorderPayment—A Vision for the Future,  which took place on 19.10.2020. There, Agustín Carstens, General Manager, Bank of International Settlements says the following: "the central bank will have ABSOLUTE control" over the CBDC.  

In the same video, he says that the decision to introduce CBDC in a country will be sovereign and the country itself should make it. We currently have our own autonomous currency - the Bulgarian Lev. If we accept the euro, then the decisions will be made in Frankfurt. I think it becomes clear why there is this frenzied clamor among the milk sellers to accept the euro and give up the Bulgarian lev. I don't know if they realize exactly what digital concentration camp they are pushing us, themselves and their families into. 

I am aware that everyone who sold out and campaigned for the experimental pukes and mouth rags will be the first to embrace CBDC and demonstrate everywhere - ZOMBIE visor, print press, social media, etc. how they changed their cash to digital. CBDC adoption is a one-way street. So is taking an experimental concoction with ingredients known only to its maker.

Someone had said that God ceases to exist when we stop believing in him. We have become materialistic consumers who only believe in the value of patterned papers. CBDC will be another test and everyone will choose what to believe, and that will determine their future.

Watch the video explaining exactly what CBDC is and share it with at least 5 or 10 people.




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