Какво е нано-аерозолна ваксинация?

What is nano-aerosol vaccination?

Chemtrails or Covid? On October 7, 2022, social networks literally exploded with angry comments because of the dense network of chemtrails over all Bulgarian cities. 
It rained so hard all day and during the night of October 6 and 7 that even Kostadin Kostadinov could no longer convince the Bulgarians that they were imagining things. Rumen Radev, on the other hand, simply hid in a mouse hole, because he knows very well what crime is being committed against the Bulgarian people.

Because of the mass dissatisfaction and the thousands of questions to the institutions in order to placate the sovereign, for the first time in Bulgaria they had to appear on television with an official disinformation that there was nothing disturbing and that this was pure "condensation". I don't know if anyone is still pecking at this prop. After the powerful chemtrail, queues of patients (mostly children) complained of abdominal pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, shortness of breath, cough, high fever, dizziness, etc., in front of doctors' offices. Yes, of course, the GPs (indoctrinated string puppets) will convince the mothers and fathers of these children that there was some "new strain" of some "new virus" that was causing a new type of covid or enterocolitis.
The truth is, it sprays EVERYWHERE! Worldwide! Therefore, there is no "opposition" between the USA and Russia, nor between Russia and Ukraine: it is splashed over Russia, and over Poland, and over Ukraine, and over Canada, and over Germany...
Chemical spraying is a global program adopted and implemented by the elites of all countries on their populations, and this fact alone is enough to tell you that the "war" and "confrontation" between the US and Russia is simply a show to lull the herd.
The facts show that the technology for nano-aerosol spraying and nano-aerosol vaccination actually exists. Any of you deluded and reassured that chemtrails is a "conspiracy theory" can search for keywords "geoengineering" and "nano-aerosol biocidal weapon". The Spanish Ministry of Health authorized the NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) units of the armed forces as well as the UME to use biocides from the air. And no matter how much Kostadin Kostadinov spins that there are no chemtrails, there are official documents about these sprayings that disprove him.

On 19 May 2015, MEP Ramon Tremosa i Balcells (ALDE) announced in the European Parliament that four officials from the State Meteorological Agency had admitted that Spain was being sprayed entirely by planes that spread lead dioxide, silver iodide and diatomaceous earth into the atmosphere. The goal, according to the same MEP, was to prevent rain and allow temperatures to rise (this is how they simulate global warming), which creates a summer climate for tourism and at the same time helps corporations in the agricultural sector. The entire special spraying operation is led by a supranational center - the International Meteorological Organization. The so-called Global Framework for Air Conditioning Services and Aviation Meteorology was created. Under the Purposes of nano-aerosols spraying are diverse: inducing rain, thunder, solar radiation management, weather modification, psychological manipulation, human population control, inducing various symptoms, biological or chemical warfare. It all depends on what cocktail of nano-aerosols will be sprayed on people's heads.

The most important thing in carrying out this operation is that people do not guess that they are being sprayed like cockroaches. It's important that people can't tell the difference between a "virus" and a nano-particle, and are terrified to line up at doctors' offices to be "tested" and "vaccinated." In order to maintain the delusion that there is a "virus" and no chemtrails, numerous "specialists" and "politicians" have been put in place, whose task it is to confuse the population and divert attention in another direction.

What should we do in this case?
1. You (yes, it is YOU who is reading this article!) should ask a direct question to the "politicians" and the "specialists" WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A VIRUS AND A NANO-PARTICLE? 
3. Why is it sprayed at certain times? What is the purpose of each different type of nano-aerosol? 
4. Who pays for the daily spraying? What amounts are allocated from Bulgaria's budget for annual spraying? Is this money from our taxes being taken? Was this money discussed in the National Assembly and who gave permission to spray it without explaining to the sovereign what nano-aerosol vaccination is? In short - are you taking our money to spray us like cockroaches?

If the people do not demand an IMMEDIATE ANSWER, then they are content to be paid to spray it without any explanation. Is not it like that?

Compiled by: Iliyan Nedev (parts of the text are borrowed from Dimcho Dimov)




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