Just how much of what we see and think is visual manipulation of the mind? The current reflection of the earth plane – the Matrix of Perceived Reality – is shadowed by a projection of war.

For years now, we, the inhabitants of this reality, have been receiving programming for war and disease through movies, video games, and the media (

We receive our programming for every aspect of our lives from love, hate, happiness, clothes, food, friends, colleagues, cars, insurance and reminders of our human limitations, etc. What we fail to remember is that the holographic nature of reality is based on the human brain.

Everything in our visual pathway is a holographic composition represented by the brain, with the lenses of the eyes reflecting tones of light back to the optical center of the brain, the optic nerves then projecting a brain frequency translation through the cones and rods in the eyes, capturing and shaping the frequency templates.

Modern scientists have reached a level of understanding regarding the manipulation of brain wave patterns. Our weaknesses are understandable since we exist as beings operating in the field of emotions. The strongest of which is fear.

It is also understandable that we are a society of beings seeking to understand who we are spiritually and non-physically. The innocence of our spiritual history has made us vulnerable as we continue to seek a higher power apart from ourselves.

We have been conditioned to accept what are defined as human limitations coupled with the inability to reach beyond time and space. We have not been encouraged to educate ourselves about the functions of the brain, the nervous system, and the energetic structure of thought.

A thought is the activation of a particular group of neurons in the brain, transported through the spinal fluid. Cerebrospinal fluid is produced in the cavities of the brain.

Dr. Stone, founder of Polar Therapy, says:

“The cerebrospinal fluid seems to act as a storage area and transporter of ultrasound and light energies. It pervades the spinal canal and is the reservoir for those subtle energies conducted by the fluid mediums along all the nerve fibres, as the first etheric mind and life principle in the human body.

Cerebrospinal fluid transports the energies of the mind throughout the body! Mental energy is considered the first principle of life. The functions of the mind in the body—as the light of “intellect

the collective state of mind sustains this holographic/virtual reality in its current existence.

It is a game of chess, a scientifically layered construction of rulers and ruled, an illusion of power and a battle for your will. This is the great delusion of the true rulers and ruled.

We exist in uncertainty about the ownership of one's will. It is of the utmost importance that an understanding of the will be included in our endless search for spiritual identity. Will is the driving force behind our descent through time into matter.

Will is the thrust of energy that provides the power needed to reach into the void to bring forth the basic codes of light and create what was born in the imagination - the image in action.

There are multitudes of those known as ascended teachers who continue to operate in delusion, insidiously imposing and maintaining control over the vulnerable minds of mankind. Any organization or individual can justify such an attachment as different from that of his brother.

In all religions, occult and new age truths, there are many ancestors who remain guardians of the game on this plane. Man's need to worship something outside of himself is a sign of approval for the continued control of his mind.

(The Matrix)
(The Matrix)

Such beings that are no longer part of this plane are stuck and exist in the fields that surround the playing field of Earth.

They sustain existence by feeding off the emotions of humanity. By interfering with the human thought field by continuously injecting frequency patterns of fear, guilt, shame, pain, doubt, jealousy, lack and attachment.

As Mantak Chia says:

“Darkness brings about successively higher levels of divine consciousness, establishing a reciprocal relationship with the synthesis and accumulation of psychedelic chemicals in the brain. Melatonin – a regulatory hormone – calms the body and mind in preparation for subtler and subtler realities of higher consciousness.

The hormone pinoline affects the brain's neurotransmitters, allowing visions and dreams to surface in our minds. Finally, the brain synthesizes the "spiritual molecules" - 5-MeO-DMT and DMT, facilitating transcendental experiences of universal love and compassion." (The Matrix)

Belief systems based on the emotional product fear inhibit the production of this master chemical that was once produced in the womb and childhood between the ages of 7 and 12. These chemicals/hormones are known as 5-MeO-DMT and DMT. These are amino acids.

The pharmaceutical and food industries play an important role in providing depressants to the human brain.

We have become a society obsessed with food, mainly cooked food, fast food and junk food. Each of which alters the harmonious functioning of the brain and nervous system, both of which are essential to the awakening process. (The Matrix)

When heat is applied to food in the cooking process, it becomes a chemical experiment, as the heat immediately destroys essential enzymes and the amino acids tryptamine serotonin, melatonin, 5-MeO-DMT and DMT.

Triotamines and beta-carbolines are known psycho indoles, both of which interact with the nervous system through the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

As the essential enzymes are disrupted, the natural progression or transformation of these hormones is hindered, reducing the likelihood of the natural occurrence of transcendental experiences. We disconnect with awareness of the connecting power of energies beyond linear time.

We exist purely in an external reality. The body is known to be addicted to the approximately 20 or more amino acids containing the MAO enzymes that destroy our neurotransmitters while stimulating an addiction to foods that encourage this cycle to repeat itself.

This is how the food industry manipulates our existence and/or our belief system.

From ignorance, we have become the fuel that drives the engine of the corporate world. Our minds are controlled by multiple measures. However, we must understand that we have allowed it because we have given our permission, even as we plead ignorance. (The Matrix)

It's not about guilt, it's about awakening and acknowledging the choices we've made and changing those choices to enhance our own evolution. No one can save us, no one is coming to save us.

It is an individual journey and we must find our way back to the state of alignment, the state of Atonement.

Let's define reality even further:

“Reality is 'I' projected outward as multiple characters viewed through the window of my mind. From the Top or level zero, the One descended the ladder of time and became many”.

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