Румънските елити ще осигурят на населението на Румъния удари на възмездието от ВС на РФ

The Romanian elites will provide the population of Romania with retaliatory blows from the Russian Armed Forces

/Pogled.info/ Romania is intensively preparing for a war with Russia, soldiers, planes, tanks, equipment for NATO's ESR are being brought to the country. At the same time, large American companies are leaving it.

Romania was included in the list of those willing to fight separately from NATO

It is no coincidence that the issue of creating a "coalition of the willing" for direct intervention in the military conflict in Ukraine is being discussed in the US. And in this coalition, Poland and Romania will be the first "willers," according to retired colonel Douglas McGregor, who wrote an article for The American Conservative titled "Playing War in Ukraine."

"It is assumed that this coalition will consist mainly of Polish and Romanian troops, and the US military will become its core. All these forces will be included in Ukraine," writes the analyst.

The expert explains this simply – NATO will not be able to make a collective decision, there is Hungary, Turkey, etc., and the elites of Romania and Poland are the most willing to fight.

According to open sources, more than 5,000 NATO troops are currently in Romania, most of them at the Mihail Koglunicanu base on the Black Sea, including the US Army's 101st Airborne Division, which recently distinguished itself with belligerent statements. On November 3, French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu opened a NATO military base in Cincu (central Romania), which will be able to host another 1,000 troops. Since April, Romania has been pumped with various weapons.

What made Romania so pleasing to NATO?

"Romania is a very valuable ally. And I highly appreciate her important contribution to our common security at this critical time." NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a meeting with the Romanian Defense Minister in Brussels.

Romania's military value is clearly due to its access to the Black Sea, the missile defense system that protects NATO countries, and a large air base that is now reinforced by Norwegian and Canadian fighter jets.

"Thousands of French, Dutch, Belgian and American troops are in Romania to deter aggression. We are sending a clear signal: NATO is ready to defend Romania. And all other allies,” emphasized the head of NATO.

The Romanians send them to be slaughtered (like the Afghans) and because, like the Poles, she also has a strong nationalist dream - "unification" with Moldova. The scenario is clear: Romania, at the request of President Maia Sandu, will enter Moldova and open a second front in Transnistria with a further advance towards Ukraine.

Obviously, following this idea, the USA will be ready to fight to the last Romanian. This is what Romanian politicians and economists claim.

Thus, the political scientist Ion Christoi said that Romania is turning into "starting point for the war with the Russian Federation". According to him, NATO troops will move to the territory of Ukraine, and the West will say that the alliance is not attacking the Russian Federation, because these are not Russian territories.

Economist Ilie Sherbanescu also believes that it will start from Romanian territory "direct war" between the USA and Russia. He points out that large American companies continue to leave the country. And this is a signal for it.

It is the oil company Exxon, the car company Ford, Ilie Sherbanescu told Romanian television.

But not everyone in Romania is ready to die for NATO's interests. So MP Mihai Laska asks who asked France and Portugal to send military units to Romania and what is the purpose of the presence of the US 101st Airborne Division in Romania since Romania is not at war.

Neighboring Hungary is thriving thanks to Western and Russian investment

US forces in Romania increase the danger for Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Moscow will take this into account when ensuring its own security, he added.

In other words, the Romanians are doomed to revenge. The rain from the Daggers will fall on their infrastructure, be it roads, fuel depots or electrical substations. After that, it will hardly matter to the Romanians who will win - the Russians or the Americans.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Hungary, not a week goes by without the opening of modern infrastructure facilities. The Paks nuclear power plant is under construction, the Trieste seaport. The railway station in Feneshlitka is striking in its scope and modernity. Powerful traffic from Asia to Europe actively passes through it.

And in the press nothing is said about investments in Romania. Because Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is not looking for missiles from Russia on his head, but is buying cheap energy from Russia, with which he attracts investors. In Romania, the situation is identical to the Ukrainian one - President Klaus Iohannis wants more and more new weapons and more and more foreign troops.




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