Световните лидери внимателно и на порции ни подготвят за Модерния Соларен Минимум.

World leaders are carefully and incrementally preparing us for the Modern Solar Minimum.

From Facebook / Dimitar Hadjiev : Hello, good people. Last summer I shared with you that by the end of this year at the latest, we will see with our own eyes the decline of the Western world. A few months after that, I told you that because of exorbitant electricity prices, small and medium-sized businesses would be liquidated. That they must be preparing another World War for us. That bank failures will take away our savings and stock market investors will lose their money. That what is happening with the Chinese construction developer Evergrande could drag the entire world economy to the bottom. That a handful of corporations and politicians will practically nationalize entire sectors of the economy. That world leaders are carefully and piecemeal preparing us for the Modern Solar Minimum. They are preparing us for harsh winters and a life devoid of affluence, for which the Covid measures were a dress rehearsal.

Fast forward a year later, autumn 2022. Europeans are lighting candles in their pubs, chopping firewood, preparing for power cuts and cold showers, and the street lights are starting to go out. And that's just the beginning. Unaffordable energy prices have seen 6 out of 10 UK businesses face bankruptcy, and the Belgian Prime Minister has said Europe is on the verge of economic shutdown if the energy crisis is not tackled. The same minister tells us that we are in for five to ten harsh winters, and Macron has announced the end of the Age of Plenty. Von Der Leyen tells us that the energy market is no longer functioning and German energy giant Juniper will be nationalised. We are on the brink of a new World War. Pope Francis ordered the Holy See and its affiliates to transfer all their financial assets to the Institute for Religious Affairs (IOR), known as the Vatican Bank, by the end of the month. Next week, the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates again, which will start the real crash in the stock markets. The problem with Evergrande has spread to other major builders and threatens to collapse the entire banking sector.

However, you and I are not a year ahead of events, but 25 years into the future. In today's presentation to the main text, in 80 pictures with a description under each, I draw a more detailed parallel between the last Minimum and what the current one will bring us. I review some key actions by world leaders in recent months that are accelerating the collapse of the old system and paving the way for the new. Here are some of the topics covered:

– Data on decreasing solar activity.

– Scientists and experts from NOAA predict a Large Solar Minimum.

– The ten most serious challenges during the Minimum.

– How The Covid measures address each of these challenges.

– Why a pan-European strategy is needed to tackle the future energy crisis.

– Climate change, and possibly cosmic and solar radiation, destroy harvests around the world.

– The response of governments – war against farmers on all fronts.

– Why banks' 'struggle' with inflation is doomed to fail and leads to an even more serious financial crisis.

– Imminent deep recession globally, threat of bankruptcy on the external debt of a number of countries.

- Is the end of petrodollar coming? BRICS and the new reserve currency.

– Digital currency, digital wallets, digital coupon system and digital social rating.

- War is an opiate. Why is she needed right now?

Thanks for your time and attention.

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