Ферми за деца отвличани за Адренохром, за органи и за нагона на сатанисти

Farms for children kidnapped for Adrenochrome, for organs and for the drive of Satanists

Adrenochrome - "immortality serum" is obtained from the adrenal gland of living children after they have been brutally tortured to obtain the highest level of adrenaline

It has properties like LSD and is used in satanic rituals by monarchies, politicians, congressmen, celebrities, CEOs, ELites and all other global scum


This is evidence of millions of kidnapped children from all over the world by Satanist freaks!
You have seen many of them in the movies, in high political positions, even in children's organizations!


The problem with old bodies is that their glands and cells cannot release the necessary hormones, collagen, insulin, liver and kidneys reduce their functions. Gradually the body loses sensation and life begins to leave it. It is a long process, you start from our 35 years of age.
Some of us take things for granted - it's part of the cycle of life and enjoy the good things that each age has to offer.
Old age gives us wisdom, life experience, the joy of children, family and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
It gives us the satisfaction that we have given something to this society, and that we have continued the human race!
So it is with normal people, people with children, with a value system, and good souls.

But there is another world - Satanists, which most people don't know about, they don't have children, most of them are pedophiles, cannibals, use black masonic rituals, drink blood, rape children, eat their corpses, and think that this will make them stronger , they will live longer or be healthy…
But old age is hard to stop, and immortality is impossible.
And the masters of these unfortunate creatures devise a way to lie to them that they will rejuvenate and be strong, young and beautiful.

When stressed, adrenaline is released in our body. It makes us use 200% of the body's powers to survive in dire situations.
There is a documented case of super strength and super endurance under the influence of adrenaline.
During intense military operations, soldiers hardly get sick, they deal with insomnia, hunger, and enormous physical exertion.
It also turned out that they hardly age...

This is what the Satanists of the Lying Elite decided to use...
They started extracting adrenaline from the blood of tortured people. From the beginning, they used kidnapped adults - during wars, by criminals, by puppet states.
But the problem with adults is that the older they are, the less they react to stress, and release less adrenaline... The other problem is that it is difficult to hide their disappearance - they have families, friends, appear on official state lists... And the need for adrenochrome increases steadily…
And the Satanists solved the problem by starting to kidnap and buy children! Children are emotional, they feel more pain and fear, their glands are not stunted, their disappearance can be easily masked... Many poor parents are willing to sell one of their children...
Children are easy to transport, they rarely run away, they do not resist...
And freaks create FARMS FOR KIDS!
On lonely islands, in their mansions - hidden underground - MILLIONS OF CHILDREN are kept like livestock until they die!

How is Adrenochrome manufactured?
The freaks take the child out of his cage.
They tie him to a metal chair and insert hemodialysis needles into his veins. They hook him up to a blood filtering machine.
And the TORTURE begins! Fighting, electricity, suffocation and drowning, startling sounds, roaring animals, snarling dogs, live snakes. All in a precisely calculated rhythm to release the maximum amount of adrenaline!
Which then turns into adrenochrome! C₉H₉NO₃
Then they return the child to its cage. They feed him well and play him pleasant music. So that there could be a contrast between the torture and the rest of the time and the adrenaline would flow more…
The sessions are every few hours. They let them sleep a little and then again.
The farm must work.
Satanists all over the world await their delivery!

Children do not last more than a few years of this horror. After the first months, they are irreparably damaged mentally.
Satanic pedophiles use them on the beautiful ones.
The transfer takes place through military bases, planes and ships.
The organs are also used - after the child dies from exhaustion from the torture or if there is an urgent need for a certain blood type - the suitable one is killed...

Satanists using adrenochrome from the beginning look younger, stronger and healthier.
It gives them energy and restarts one of their organs.
But it's all a deceptive illusion - after a few years - their own organs wear out and they age SNAPBLY...
They increase the doses in hopes of stopping this process and the adrenochrome ruins them even more.
They are also starting to show strong signs of mental illness…

Their youth and life run out between their fingers like sand…

And the madness begins. As soon as they grow old and die, humanity must follow them!
Through viruses, wars, poisons, hiding the sun, electromagnetic radiation!
After them - and a flood...

Many people do not believe my writings.
Many people, even if they believe, are not ready to fight.
But now is the time to act - because soon you will be left with NOTHING, not even YOUR life!

Author: Petar Evtimov

Note row;
It is important to mention the date of this meeting: 16-18 April 2018.
The videos are from the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. 
This is the tribunal's website.
Original video without translation into Bulgarian:

Source : TheBulgarianTimes



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