Искане за изменение и допълнение на Изборния кодекс

Request to amend and supplement the Electoral Code

To the Speaker of the National Assembly

of the Republic of Bulgaria


By: Vencislav Atanasov Angelov

Social security number: 6809055325,

address: city of Ruse, "Mutkurova" street No. 86, entrance 1, floor 2

Chairman of the People's Party "THE TRUTH PARTY" I


Email:[email protected]

contact phone: 0897822755

regarding : request to amend and add to the Electoral Code

Respected Mr. Speaker of the Parliament,

In the last few years, we have witnessed a vicious practice in the conduct of successive elections in the Republic of Bulgaria. In machine voting, the weight of honest voting is completely ignored in relation to the control receipts of the voting, which are an extremely important part of the electoral process. On 02.10.2022, significant violations were committed by the chairmen of sectional election commissions of the procedures for holding the elections and the normative requirements regulated in the Election Code and the CEC's Methodological Guidelines for the implementation of the Election Code for the sectional election commissions in the country for the elections for people's representatives on October 2, 2022 when voting with specialized machine voting devices

The provision in Art. 271 paragraph 2 citirim is written verbatim: When establishing the voting results, the number of voters who voted by machine is equal to the number of confirmed votes from the machine voting, which votes are equal to the number of control receipts printed by the system.

The norm referred to in the specific article of the Electoral Code was deliberately and knowingly created for those political parties that participated in the adoption of this article, the weight of the voting control receipts as an important element of the ELECTORAL process, not entering them into the minutes of the Sectional Electoral Commissions, was ignored , which undermines the fair and democratic electoral process.

With this request, as the chairman of the political party that I represent, we insist on the amendment and addition of the Electoral Code, as follows:

 1. To amend and supplement Article 271, para. 2 : 

Control receipts should be an integral part of the Protocol of the Sectional Electoral Commission, and their number should correspond to the number of voters in the control strip, as well as the result obtained from their counting for voting for a certain political party should be identical to the result of voting for a certain political party from the control bar from the machine.

 2. To supplement the ELECTORAL CODE for the place where the voting machine should be located: the goal is to place it in the election room of the CEC so that the voter has his back to the wall, thus avoiding the possibility that a member of the CEC to taint the secrecy of his vote.

 3. To submit for discussion an additional new text in the ELECTION CODE for equipment in all election sections, without exception, to have real-time video surveillance cameras installed, thus every voter can watch over the Internet what is happening in the section polling stations .

 4. In order to end the vicious practice of the monstrous crime, the so-called bought and corporate vote, the Ministry of the Interior to carry out prevention activities with warning protocols, all political party leaders registered to participate in all types of elections not to participate in schemes for bought and corporate vote, and in this way a a preventive measure against this phenomenon, specific to the elections in the Republic of Bulgaria, without an analogue or similarity in other European countries, members of the European Union.

City of Sofia Sincerely: ……………………………..

date: 27.10. 2022 / Chairman of PPISI Vencislav Angelov/



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