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Letters of Enlightenment #1.2 The Unspoken Teachings of the Past

Letters of Enlightenment #1.2 The Unspoken Teachings of the Past


lost in time or hidden

When we look at our past as a civilization, it was not so long ago that we embraced science and chemistry as we do today. We can give most of the credit for everyday medicines or salves, essential oils, fragrances and much more to the long-forgotten doctrine of alchemy. If we start searching the web, we will find almost no real alchemical facts, other than speculation. A select few in the world know about alchemy and what the alchemical process really is, you will find that they are called Hermeticism and we will find that this group with the Rosicrucian Brotherhood is associated with Hermeticism. 


The Rosicrucian Brotherhood 

Now this Rosicrucian brotherhood is a worldwide brotherhood that claims to have esoteric wisdom handed down from ancient times. their coat of arms is a rose on a cross. They taught a range of religious teachings, practicing asceticism, Jewish mysticism, and Christian Gnosticism. This is a part of Freemasonry as well as true alchemical teaching. The group was hidden for the first 120 years until they publicly announced their existence in 1484. Many of the most famous philosophers and scientists where besides the Rosicrucian Brotherhood and in 1858 the first fatherhood was founded in San Francisco.


Tria Prima 

The main idea of alchemy is that of the crazy transmutation stories we hear. The truth is that the true nature of alchemy is what made people understand as they did. Alchemy is not like science where it gives a direct answer that the alchemist has spoken in riddles to make sense only to an enlightened or at least a fellow practitioner of the art. Alchemists were used to cure or attempt to cure diseases and make soldiers more sensitive and strong. Alchemical potions and elixirs have always been used in the past. Any elixir or potion must be made from ingredients that have gone through the separation process. The Tria Prima of alchemy, prime numbers are related to the law of the triangle, in which two components come together to form the third. The three alchemical primes are 

1) Sulphur 

2) Mercury

3) Salt

these primes have metaphorical meanings when used in the following aspects.

As an aspect of matter, sulfur becomes flammable, mercury becomes volatile, and salt becomes solid.

in the aspect of the alchemical elements, sulfur becomes fire, mercury becomes air, and salt becomes earth/water

in the aspect of human nature Sulfur becomes Spirit, Mercury becomes Mind and Salt becomes Body

in the aspect of the Holy Trinity, Sulfur becomes the Holy Spirit, Mercury becomes the Father, and Salt becomes the Son 

in Phyche aspect, Sulfur becomes the Super Ego, Mercury becomes the Ego, and Salt becomes the ID 

in the aspect of the existential, true sulfur becomes spiritual, Mercury becomes mental, and salt becomes physical


Sun and clot

Alcemy is said to use a method called Solve Et Coagula, which loosely translates to dissolve and coagulate. Smashing each object to obtain the Body of the object on its own and the Mind of the object on its own and the Spirit on the object on its own. the spirit of an object can be seen as the essence of that object. for example, if where we take honey and ferment it, the product after fermentation and then distill the product, the remaining product that is not distilled will be the body of the honey, the product that is distilled will be the mind, and distilling the mind of the honey will again produce the spirit of honey. the fermentation method was used for dissolution and the distillate was used for coagulation. 


The Philosopher's Stone 

The stone is the most sought after target for the alchemist. They call it the elixir of life. With it you can rejuvenate and even achieve immortality. The son of the philosophers was considered the highest achievement in the mystical aspect of alchemy. It is the purist symbol of perfection, the very meaning of enlightenment, attaining heavenly bliss. the process and the work done to achieve this is called the Magnum Opus or the Great Work.