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Prof. Plamen Kirov: The National Assembly's decision on military aid to Ukraine is unconstitutional

Prof. Plamen Kirov: The National Assembly's decision on military aid to Ukraine is unconstitutional

The wording "military" and not "military-technical" also includes manpower if necessary, he specified

The decision of the National Assembly, which commits the government to providing military aid to Ukraine, is unconstitutional and a gross interference with the executive prerogatives of the government.

Prof. Plamen Kirov, head of the Department of Constitutional and Legal Sciences at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and former constitutional judge.

“In so far as the Constitution is categorical that the overall direction of the Armed Forces is exercised by the Government, not by Parliament. At the same time, the very logic is wrong - we burden the government to conduct negotiations with another party, and the other party to determine what it needs, and we to fulfill the will of the other party. They overdid it too crossed the line of the constitutional framework", the constitutionalist pointed out.

He specified that the wording "military" and not "military-technical" also includes "manpower if necessary".

Practice continues the parliament to be experienced as a convention since the time of the Jacobin dictatorship in revolutionary France, the professor of constitutional law also stated.

“He thinks that hardly holds all the levers of power and all branches of government—one all-competent body, and does not realize that there is a separation of powers.”

"In this situation, in which the country is hit by all kinds of crises that are piling up one on top of the other, it seems that no one is in charge. Everyone accounts for future negatives from one participation in management and literally It's a battle of who will pull the coals out of the furnace with their bare hands", commented Plamen Kirov in the show "Before All".

The time given by the president for consultations and reaching an agreement on the formation of a government was "interpreted in a rather wrong way" by the politicians in the parliament, he pointed out. "The responsibility is shared. Not only the president participates in the procedure, but also the political parties represented in the parliament. They are the actors in this political theater," Prof. Kirov said. In his words, the political talks should have started "from the night of the elections." It's strange to me - these cries in the media about how they didn't want to talk. Perhaps we should include the patriarch in these consultations, so that somehow he can calm them down and get them to have some kind word between themselves.''

Most likely the President's team also considers deadlines with the next elections in mind, the constitutionalist suggested.

"Let it be calculated, lest it should turn out that on New Year's Day we may be facing the polls again, in the middle of winter."

The introduction of a presidential republic Plamen Kirov defined as "political speaking, which makes absolutely no sense."