Anti-Zionism is an ideological and practical opposition from representatives of various ethnicities (including from Jews like Nature card), philosophical and religious movements, political organizations, public institutions that reject and criticize the zionists goals and the methods to achieve them.

At the UN

On November 10 1975 year, at the XXX session of the General Assembly of UN, under the influence of The Soviet Union and with the support of the socialist and Arab countries, resolution 3379 was adopted, which determined Zionism as “a form of racism and Racial discrimination".

In 1991, in order to participate in a peace conference, Israel made it a condition that the UN revoke Resolution 3379. December 16 1991 year resolution 46/86 of the UN General Assembly annulled resolution 3379.

Among the Jews

The main forces of anti-Zionism among the jews at the beginning of the 20th century they were mainly representatives of Orthodox Jews.

Among the Arabs

Muslim countries are the main and most organized opponent of Zionism. Hostility to Zionism is one of the reasons for the creation of The Arab League. Arab political analysts and statesmen do not recognize Israel as an independent country. Until the beginning of 1960years, Zionist organizations were removed in all Arab countries. Through 1975 year the Arab states played an important role with the adoption by the General Assembly of UN the resolution in which Zionism is identified with racism, but through 1991 d. the resolution was rejected.




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