„Аз съм ционист“ – Американският вицепрезидент Джо Байдън заяви че е ционист и че за да бъдеш ционист няма нужда да бъдеш евреин…

"I am a Zionist" - American Vice President Joe Biden said that he is a Zionist and that to be a Zionist you don't need to be a Jew...

American Vice President Joe Biden has stated that he is a Zionist and that to be a Zionist you do not need to be a Jew.

During the World Jewish Congress in New York, Biden commented on how the relationship between the United States and Israel will be shaped during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Biden noted: “In the new period, we do not expect a change in the relationship between Israel and the United States. Even if such intentions exist, but such intentions do not exist, Congress and the American people will not allow such a thing." Biden also said: "I am a Zionist, and to be a Zionist you don't have to be a Jew."

Biden was honored with an award named after Theodor Herzel, known as the founder of Zionism.

At the same time, however, Israeli sources are not as hopeful as Biden about the future of Israel-US relations. The report prepared by the Israeli Foreign Ministry on the policies that Trump will pursue in the Middle East notes: "From the statements of Donald Trump during his election campaign, it is clear that he will not pursue a consistent policy in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." In the report published on the website of the Haaretz newspaper, it is emphasized that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not among Trump's priorities. The report states: “Trump, on the one hand, has supported the construction of new Jewish settlements and has promised to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. On the other hand, he emphasized that the Israeli and Palestinian countries should independently resolve the existing problems and that he would remain impartial. Trump does not see the Middle East as a region suitable for investment".




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