Nikola Marinov Nikolov

Nikola Marinov Nikolov

"Not long ago, our people gave the world a new prophet. He has two faces and two names: one is Rothschild, the leader of all capitalists, and the other is Karl Marx, the apostle of those who want to destroy everyone else." – Blumenthal, Judisk Tidskrift, 57, Sweden, 1929

“Some call it Marxism. I call it Judaism.' – Reinhold Niebuhr, Address to the Jewish Institute of Religion, New York, October 3, 1934

“We Jews are destroyers and will remain so forever. Everything you will do for us will not satisfy our needs and wants. We will always destroy because we need a world of our own.” – Maurice Samuel, Jon Gentiles, p.155, Harcourt, Brace, 1924*

"It is often said that Judaism was the driving force behind communism. This is nothing new, it is known and quite natural... Is it not to be supposed that Judaism will become a destructive element in the countries where it has always been persecuted? The innate tendency to intrigue, to cunning, to conspiracy, and the almost unattainable patience with which we await the hour of vengeance, are the characteristic features of the "predestined people." - Prof. F.A. Ossendovski, The Nineteenth Century and After, p.29, London, January, 1926

“Our fathers achieved the boundaries that were recognized in the partition of Palestine. Our generation reached the limits of 1949. After the six-day campaign, we managed to reach Suez, Jordan and the Golan Heights. This is not the end. After the current ceasefire, there will be others. They will spread beyond Jordan and into Lebanon, and perhaps into central Syria."  – Gen. Moshe Dayan

"We are at the root of all terrorist actions. We have people with all kinds of views, with all kinds of opinions - restorers of monarchies, demagogues, anarchists, socialists, communists, social democrats and all kinds of utopian dreamers. We have harnessed them all, each with its own task seeking to overturn, to confound any established state or religious form of order. By these actions all countries are subjected to tremors and chaos. They are ready for any compromise to get peace and tranquility. But we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Supremacy, and that with obedience guaranteed by the documents we have prepared, containing binding decisions.' – From Protocol Number 9 of the Secret Protocols of the Elders of Zion

"What is the purpose of this policy of ours, which we have planned and crammed into the heads of the goyim without giving them any opportunity to understand its real meaning? For what, if not to obtain by a roundabout way for our scattered tribe what is unattainable by the Straight Path? This is the main and main purpose of our organization of secret Freemasonry, which is not well known, and the purposes of which are not even so much as are supposed by these animal goyim, brought by us into the "show" of the armies of the Masonic Lodges in order to throw dust in the eyes of their peoples. God has designated us as his chosen people and bestowed upon us the greatest gift possible: to be scattered all over the world, which everyone thinks is our greatest weakness, when in fact it is where all our strength and power comes from. which brought us to the threshold of supreme world power.' – From Protocol number 11 of the Secret Protocols of the Elders of Zion


The word is derived from Zion - the name of one of the two hills of old Jerusalem. After King David captured the fortress of Zion, he made it his capital. The origin of the name is not clear, but it was most often used by the prophets and poets and carries an emotional-religious meaning due to the importance of Jerusalem as a royal city and a city of the temple. Mount Zion is the place where Jehovah (Yahweh) - the God of Israel lived, ruled and settled for King David. The Israelites never forget Zion, for according to their god Jehovah, their salvation will come from there. The name of Zion is very often found in the Old Testament, as well as in Christian literature, and is pointed to as the heavenly and worldly city of the Christian faith.

Since the 19th century, the name Zionism has been given to the movement that fights for the creation of a National Home of the Jews in Palestine - Hebrew Eretz Jsrael (Land of Israel). Although Zionism began to spread more openly in the 19th century in Eastern and Central Europe, it was actually a continuation of a very old Jewish national attachment to Palestine dating back to the Middle Ages.
In the 19th century, Jews in Europe, primarily in Eastern Europe and especially in Russia, lived as separate societies with their own language, religion, way of life and culture, as well as with an independent economic structure. At that time they did not have equal political rights under the law with the Russians. This became the reason for a large number of Jews to emigrate to Western Europe and the USA. A small number of Jewish youth went to Palestine, where they built agricultural colonies, which managed to survive thanks to the moral and material help of Baron Edmond de Rothschild of Paris.
Before the First World War, an anti-Semitic movement began in Europe. Its center is in Austria. At that time, the journalist Theodor Herzel lived and worked there, who came to the conclusion that the only way for Jews to live a normal life was to concentrate on one territory. He is the man who shaped Zionism as a political movement of world importance and became its tireless organizer and promoter. In August 1897, the First Zionist Congress took place in Basel, Switzerland. The First Constitution of the Zionist Movement was drawn up. Its main goal is for the Jews scattered around the world to create their own state in Palestine. At the same time, the rise of the religious movement - Judaism - began, with respect to which Zionism declared itself neutral.

Jewish agricultural colonies in Palestine began to grow. In 1914, over 90,000 Jews had already settled there. In 1925, the Jewish population in Palestine already numbered 108,000, and just ten years later, in 1935, 300,000. Jewish-owned land from 177 square miles in 1914 had grown in 1936 to 500 square miles . miles, and Tel Aviv, formerly a suburb of Jaffa, now has more than 100,000 inhabitants. The Arabs began to fear the transformation of Palestine into a Jewish state, in which they would be a minority in their own land. The activists of the Zionist movement are the ones who managed to convince the Arabs that their only goal is to form a new modern Palestine in which the Palestinians, Arabs and Jews, will live in harmony. In response to the growing and strengthening Zionism, an anti-Semitic movement arose.

During the Second World War, the persecution of the Jews in Europe brought them together and forced them to leave Europe en masse and settle in Palestine or the United States. Palestine was divided between Arabs and Jews, and Jerusalem became an international city. The dream of the Zionists to have their own state in Palestine is becoming a reality.
Israel's economic existence is based on the timely influx of billions of dollars donated by Jews living in the United States, by the American government, and by reparations received from Germany.

Another question arises: does Zionism really aim to gather in one place the Jews scattered around the world?... The Protocols of the Elders of Zion provide an answer. A detailed analysis of these Protocols reveals their ultimate goal - the establishment of a world autocracy - dictatorship. The intention of this program is not against aristocracy, it is not against capital, it is not against governments, on the contrary, its efforts are to unite aristocracy, capital and management methodology to carry out the plan. It is directed against all non-Jewish people in the world - the so-called goyim. Their most valuable helpers for the implementation of the plan are the so-called liberals, the popular "liberal" movement, all kinds of subversive philosophies in religion, in economics, in politics, and in the family, which are promoted with the sole purpose of destroying social solidarity.

The point is not that there are Jews among the world's financial magnates, but that absolutely everyone who controls the world is a Jew. The question is raised about a phenomenon that unfortunately creates a not particularly favorable environment for most Jews who have nothing to do with those at the top, for ordinary people of the Jewish people. And since the World Government is composed solely of Jews, the question inevitably affects this remarkable people. On the question of the Jewish people compared to the other peoples of the world, Dr. Theodor Herzel, the founder of the Zionist movement, wrote: "When we sink, we become revolutionary proletariat - subordinate servants of revolutionary parties; when we rise, then the terrible power of our purse'. Jewish Communism and Zionism took shape almost hand in hand. The Zionist Party played a fundamental role in establishing and legitimizing the Jewish state in Palestine.

Regardless of the fact that the Jews are only 2% of the population of the earth, they control the whole world with their combinativity, and this is exactly what the Jewish question consists of. It is not that there are Jews among the world's financial magnates, but that absolutely everyone who controls the world is a Jew.

Zionist leaders have always sacrificed the Jewish masses for their own personal gain. When the Viennese Rothschild is detained by the Gestapo, the very next day he is visited by Himmler, and with German guard he and his trusted servant cross the border of Austria on their way to Switzerland with passports obtained by the Hitlerites at a time when millions of Jews are being most brutally massacred . Like Lenin, who in a military German armored train carrying gold and currency, left Switzerland with his 32 followers to lead the Bolshevik revolution, passing through the military German battle lines, guarded by German soldiers.


Protocol number 3 of 1905 begins with the mention of the Symbolic Serpent of Judaism. According to the documents of the secret Jewish Zionism, Solomon and other Jewish scholars as early as 929 BC have contemplated a plan for the peaceful conquest of the whole world from Zion. Over time, this plan was elaborated and completed by Jews who actively sought to realize it. These wise elders have determined by peaceful means to conquer the world for Zion with the shrewdness and cunning of the serpent. She is a symbol: her head represents the initiators of the plans for Jewish leadership, and her body represents the Jewish people. The leadership has always been kept secret. When this serpent enters the hearts of other nations, it undermines and swallows up all the power of their states. This subjugation of other countries must be achieved through financial and economic means.


It means Gentile or non-Jew. In Russia immediately after the Bolshevik Revolution, possession of the book The Secret Zionist Protocols was enough to immediately fire its owner. In his book "The Last Days of the Romanovs," the Times correspondent Robert Wilton lists the people who ruled Russia in 1918. by nationalities:

Central Committee: Bronstein (Trotsky), Apfelbaum (Zinoviev), Lurie (Larin), Uritsky, Volodarsky, Rosenfeld (Kamenev), Smidovich, Yankel (Sverdlov), Nakhamkes (Steklov). All of the aforementioned are Jews - 9. Ulyanov (Lenin), Kirilenko,, Lunacharsky - Russians 3. Recently, it has been proven that Lenin is also of Jewish origin. Council of People's Commissars – 2 Russians, 1 Georgian, 1 Armenian and 18 Jews. Central executive committee - 4 Russians, 6 Latvians, 1 German, 2 Armenians, 1 Czech, 2 Georgians, 1 Karaim, 1 Ukrainian and 43 Jews. Moscow Extraordinary Commission - 1 Pole, 1 German, 1 Armenian, 2 Russians, 8 Latvians and 23 Jews.

Since 1918 until 1938 most of the leaders in Bolshevik Russia were Jews. According to official information from Russia in 1920 of the entire Bolshevik administration (545 members) 447 were Jews, although the Jewish population at that time was only 4%. The Central Committee of the Communist Party in 1936. consists of 56 members, of whom 53 are Jews, and the remaining three are married to Jewish women. It is even more obvious in the Soviet Council of Censorship in 1935 - all members 100% were Jews.

After the First World War 1919-1920. for the Jews, the predictions of their messiah are coming true: Russia falls entirely into their hands. Hungary is under the rule of Bela Kuhn, Austria under the tutelage of Otto Bauer, and Eastern and Southern Europe, North and South Africa, as well as all of America are their Canaan land.



A very well orchestrated chain of events led to the First World War, which historians have already concluded was not wanted by the major European powers and could have been easily prevented. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria on June 28, 1914. was only a pretext. An unseen force has been preaching and instilling in the people that a war to end all wars is necessary. "A war to make the world safe and ensure true democracy."

Next came the Belfour Declaration, signed on July 18, 1917, in which it was written: "His Majesty's Government adopts the following principle, namely, that Palestine should be converted into a national home for the Jewish people."

Four years after this declaration, in 1921. Winston Churchill went to Palestine with the mission to begin its implementation. There he was visited by a Muslim delegation who told him that England wanted to impose an unheard of injustice on the Arab population who had lived in that area for a thousand years. Churchill's response was this: "You want me to reject the Belfour Declaration and stop Jewish emigration." It is not in my power!…We think it is good for the British Empire, and we intend to do it'. In 1954 at a conference between Winston Churchill and Bernard Baruch Churchill stated openly: "I am a Zionist and have always supported Zionism."

Admiral Barry Domville, Director of British Naval Intelligence during World War II, stated that long before the war the Zionists had used their colossal wealth to buy enough power to direct international events so as to pit nations against each other in military conflict. . Also, according to Admiral Domville, the goal of world Zionism (with central government in Palestine) is to impose its totalitarian ideology throughout the world. To achieve his goal, he must control both communism and fascism at the same time, i.e. the zionists must keep both socialism and capitalism in their hands through control of international banks, oil and politics. Their goal is to achieve a one world government that they can control as they managed to control all the countries that were placed under the tutelage of the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1989. This is pretty much what George W. Bush calls the "New World Order."



In 1975 The UN voted overwhelmingly on a resolution condemning Zionism as a form of racism. Since then, the governments of Israel, the United States and Great Britain have called this resolution anti-Semitic. However, the plausibility of this resolution has since been proven to this day by the repression imposed on the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

Jews living in the occupied West Bank pay 30 cents per cubic meter of water, while Palestinians living in the same areas and on their own land pay 1 dollar and 10 cents. They are not allowed to dig new wells or deepen their old wells. These restrictions, of course, do not apply to newly settled Jews in the occupied Palestinian land. It is for this reason that the Palestinian irrigated land area is only 6%, while that of the Jews - 69%. The average annual amount of water used by Jews is 170 cubic meters, while an Arab gets only 25 cubic meters, which is below any international health standard minimum.

Zionism in Israel carries out a policy of genocide, of the destruction of a Semitic people, which in this case is the Palestinian. According to the Center for Arab Studies in Jerusalem on December 9, 1987. (the beginning of the "Intifada") until June 30, 1991. Israeli police and military killed 956 Palestinians, of whom 247 were children under the age of 16. Their fault was only that they threw stones at them. Many of these children were shot in the back while running. During the same period of time, 113,500 (almost 1/10) of the Arab population living in the Israeli-occupied territory were injured. As an "administrative measure" more than 15,000 Palestinians have been detained in this occupied zone without any trial. Another very cruel punishment imposed on the families of the children who throw stones is the uprooting of their fruit trees - oranges, lemons, etc., which are their main livelihood. Until 1991 110,000 Palestinian-owned fruit trees were uprooted. During the same period, 1,950 Palestinian houses were destroyed or sealed. The continuous construction in the occupied territories of settlements for emigrants by the Zionist-Israeli government is a clear provocation. The life of newly settled Jewish immigrants is not to be envied. Many of them are already pulling their hair out and doing their best to go back to where they came from.

Nikola M. Nikolov

The following opinion is from the most prominent Zionist in Bulgaria - Victor Melamed.

"Jewish News": Herzl's dream in constant renewal

Victor Melamed

Victor Melamed

When, in 1904, Theodor Herzl left this world at only 44 years old, he bequeathed to future generations his dream of a Jewish homeland with the full knowledge that it would be a revolution!

At about the same time, the famous political economist and sociologist Max Weber believed that the magic of revolutions disappears with the second and third generations of the people who carry them out. The reason, as he says, is in the vacuum that occurs after the pioneers completely burn the "oxygen" of the action. The next generations are called no longer to conquer, but to continue. The charm of a realized dream is disappearing, ideas are running out, what was a revolution a few decades ago is now everyday life and routine!

Today's researchers of Zionism define it as one of the most successful world revolutions. In just 50 years, Zionism not only formulated, but also realized - a new state, a new man, a new doctrine. It gave the solution to a Question to which the civilized world for centuries conveniently closed its eyes!

This revolution happened! Since then, we have been separated for more than 60 years. And today's generation, which we can safely call - "the generation after..." is the generation that is struggling to "step into the shoes" of their grandfathers and fathers, who carried out the revolution and created the miracle of Israel. For them, however, there are no more miracles, no more charm, no more radiance of the first... And what is left then? How to define something that has already happened, but someone needs to continue? How far can one go with the exploitation of an already realized dream? These are all questions that at the 36th Congress of the World Zionist Organization outlined the main debate - Zionism and post-Zionism.

Some believe that today Zionism is a victim of itself, that the creation of Israel is a utopia for the deliverance of the Jews from the torments of exile. These theorists are convinced that the creation of the State of Israel did not solve the problems of the Jews, but that some problems were simply replaced by others.

Like any utopia, Zionism idealizes its aspirations, they say. His "parents" were convinced that he would provide a universal solution to the millennial Jewish question, deliver the Jews from the nightmare of always feeling different and unwanted, and restore God's grace over the chosen tribe. But the three hundred intellectuals of the Second Aliyah (streets and squares in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv today bear their names), who further developed Herzl's ideal of Zionism, did not even imagine that they were actually the progenitors of a utopia! And since the ideal is always a wishful category, here Zionism collided with real life, and this collision very quickly took away its aura of a beautiful fairy tale. How did the Arab-Israeli conflict come to supersede all other topics in Jewish life, Congress delegates asked today? What is the difference between anti-Zionism and post-Zionism? Why don't we differentiate Zionism according to the issues of the day?

Why not environmental Zionism, energy or simply economic…?

All these questions did not receive an unequivocal answer, some even remained merely rhetorical, but the very fact that they were asked showed the determined desire of the delegates to stop with the romance and idealization of the subject, and to look for the real modern meaning of the word Zionism, the new agenda for a a new revolution! Today, returning to Zion is only the beginning of the journey, as one of the delegates said, the rest is the simple desire to make our lives and those of others around us not perfect, but a little better!

For the Bulgarian Zionists

Victor Melamed (far right) together with Maxim Behar and Antonia Parvanova

Victor Melamed (far right) together with Maxim Behar and Antonia Parvanova

This was another congress that recognized the Zionist spirit of the Bulgarian Jewish community. For the fourth Congress, the delegates of the Federation of Zionists in Bulgaria (FZB) are part of the big family of the MERETS party. I want to emphasize right away that Meretz's achievements during the congress were impressive. Despite the large losses of positions by our Israeli representatives, we managed to increase the total number of Meretz seats in the Congress thanks to the delegates from all over the world, including Bulgaria. In coalition with the Avoda party, the combined Meretz-Avoda bloc had the largest congressional delegate representation. And after the very difficult and difficult negotiations with the other parties, we managed to secure our representatives in almost all the highest bodies of the World Zionist Organization:

  • two representatives on the World Zionist Executive Board;
  • one representative on the executive board of JAFI (Jewish Agency for Israel);
  • a representative of Meretz headed the JAFI committee for Israel, and it is hoped that he will also be appointed as deputy. Chairman of the World Zionist Organization;
  • a representative from Meretz will also be the Chairman of the Zionist Council for Israel;
  • two representatives on the enlarged Zionist Executive Board;
  • two representatives on the board of directors of KKL (Keren Kayemet le Israel);
  • seven representatives to the Vaad HaPoel or Central Committee of the World Zionist Organization;
  • the writer of these lines was elected as a member of the Board of the International Executive Council of Meretz. The Bulgarian delegation also included Michel Israel, who, as a congress delegate, was the vice-chairman of the extremely important Zionist Heritage Commission, and David Levy.

The positions won, as well as the important resolutions that were adopted - on the settlements in the territories, the road map of the peace process and the future development of Zionism will help, without a doubt, to realize the goals of all people for whom the well-being of Israel is a mission without an alternative .

In the expanded composition of the delegation, in addition to the representatives of Meretz and Ashomer Atzair, there were also members of the American pro-Israel, pacifist organization - "J-Street". This was the beginning of a natural collaboration, thus the desire to increase cooperation with various related organizations to promote peace and solve problems in the Middle East found new like-minded people.

Meretz World Union Convention

In the days before the Congress, the Convention of the World Meretz Union took place, with the participation of over 120 delegates from four continents. During the meeting, in-depth discussions and very heated debates were held on the future of the Jewish people, the State of Israel, the socio-economic reality, the peace process, pluralism and humanism, Zionism and post-Zionism. Keynote speakers included Meretz Chairman Chaim Oron, former Meretz Chairman Dr. Yossi Beilin, as well as Knesset members Nitzan Horowitz and Ilan Gilon. For the first time in the history of our movement, nearly half of the participants in the Convention were young people under the age of 30.

As always, this Congress was not without its sharp debates. Heretical and even scandalous theses were expressed, extremely opposite opinions and views were defended. One thing, however, has become crystal clear – without any doubt, Herzl's dream is being renewed, and Zionism is looking for its new meaning!

Victor Melamed
Chairman of the Federation of Zionists in Bulgaria




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