Why were the Jews expelled from Spain?

Why were the Jews expelled from Spain?

One of the most famous cases of ritual murder of a child was in the late 1480s in the village of La Guardia near Toledo, Spain, by a pseudo-converted Maran Jew who secretly continued after the formal acceptance of Christianity to profess his old faith of Judaism.
One evening on the outskirts of the settlement, a converted Jew named Benito Garcia is attracted by children's sighs and groans. Garcia remembers that the day is the Thursday of Holy Week - the day of the crucifixion. On this day, as has been claimed for centuries, fanatical Jews carry out the special procedure of revenge against Christians, mocking the crucifixion of Christ, in the person of some kidnapped 4-5 year old Christian boy, who they blaspheme, torture and martyrdom on a cross, with a crown of thorns on his head.
The direct perpetrators - father and son - have been arrested. The investigation lasted nearly 2 years and ended with the conviction and burning at the stake of 5 perpetrators and accomplices.

The boy, the victim of the ritual, was declared a martyr by the Spanish Church. A monument was erected at the place of his murder.
The "La Guardia" case caused a great stir among the population and before the extensive and documented report of the inquisitor Torquemada, the monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile signed on March 31, 1492 a decree for the expulsion of the Jews from Spain.

In this decree they address their subjects with the words:
"After mature consideration of the matter, we have decided to command all Jews, male and female, to leave our kingdom and never return. With the exception of those who will accept to be baptized, all must leave by July 1, 1492, and under pain of death and confiscation of property, never return."
Quote from the Edict for the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain - the source of the text is Victor Malka's book Sephardic Jews.
This decree granted the right of election to Jews in the territory of the Spanish crown. They had the option of staying after being baptized and accepting Christianity until July 31, 1492, or being expelled.
The choice is hard, but those who accept to stay, i.e. Christianity, in case they continue with their old Judaic practices, threatens them with the death penalty, at the stake - autodafe. The Spanish Inquisition was created for this purpose, and the investigation for heresy was carried out under the Inquisition procedure. In the following centuries, the Marans were brutally persecuted, and the Inquisition was also transferred to Latin America.
In 1968, the Spanish government of General Franco declared the Alhambra Decree invalid. This is just one more clue that the Jews had a hand in the creation of the fascist, National Socialist governments.
About 160,000 Jews headed for the ports were expelled. After the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, the country was finally freed from the Moors, colonized the American mainland and became the most powerful empire that humanity had seen until then - the Spanish Empire.

After this case, mothers in Spanish lands began to scare their teenage boys during Holy Week - they were afraid that their children would be kidnapped and killed during this season.
The majority of the Spanish expelled Jews arrived in the Ottoman Empire and the Balkans, where Bayezid II welcomed them wholeheartedly. The reason for the warm reception was that Ferdinand and Isabella did not confiscate their funds, and they offered the Sublime Porte substantial sums in return. They settle in our big urban centers, enjoy privileges compared to Christians. And the problems begin. But that's another topic.



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