Graphene-based 'neuromodulation' technology is REAL: Press release from INBRAIN Neuroelectronics describes brain-controlling biocircuits using AI-powered graphene

Graphene-based 'neuromodulation' technology is REAL: Press release from INBRAIN Neuroelectronics describes brain-controlling biocircuits using AI-powered graphene

Remember, Elon Musk's Neuralink project is about increasing the bandwidth of the brain. Well, to make data flow, a conductive material must be used to fuse the biological with the digital. So how does this conductive material get there? Through NEUROMODULATION

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With a growing number of people realizing that graphene oxide is being identified in covid vaccines, a company called INBRAIN Neuroelectronics has demonstrated that graphene-based 'neuromodulation' technology using AI-powered neuroelectronics is very real.

Press release dated March 30, 2021, published by , the story reveals:

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics Secures $17 Million in Series A Funding for First AI-Based Graphene-Brain Interface

The funding allows the company to advance first-in-human research for its flagship product, a less invasive neuromodulation device for treating neurological conditions using artificial intelligence and graphene electrodes

To be clear, we are in no way claiming that INBRAIN is involved in covid vaccines. Rather, they state that their technology is used "to treat epilepsy and Parkinson's disease." The point of covering INBRAIN is to reveal that graphene-based brain-controlling "biocircuits" are in fact a very real technology.

So-called "fact checkers"—who are nothing more than disinformation propagandists—routinely claim that graphene is not found in vaccines and that graphene biochains are a conspiracy theory. INBRAIN Neuroelectronics shows the fact checkers are lying.

In fact, as INBRAIN says in its own press release, they "seek to establish the safety of graphene as a new standard of care for neurotechnology devices."

They also describe graphene biocircuits as a type of platform that can be upgraded:

Less invasive and smarter neuroelectronic technologies like ours could provide safer therapies that can be upgraded and adapted in real time…

If that sounds familiar, it's probably because Moderna, the creator of the covid mRNA vaccine, has described its technology as an "operating system" that can also be updated and reprogrammed at any time.

On the INBRAIN Neuroelectronics website the company is described as follows:

We are scientists, doctors, technicians and lovers of humanity, with a mission to build neuroelectronic interfaces to treat brain disorders. We are using GRAPHENE, the thinnest material known to man, to build the next generation of neural interfaces for brain repair to help patients around the world.

This also echoes Prof. A. Fasano saying: "Graphene is the next big thing in bioengineered materials that are stepping stones to the next generation of electrotherapies in the ever-expanding field of neuromodulation."

The company touts its technology as being able to "read" a person's brain, detect specific neurological patterns, and then control that person's neurology to alter their brain function. In their own words:

Our graphene-brain interfaces have the ability to read at unprecedented resolution, detect therapy-specific biomarkers, and trigger highly focal adaptive neuromodulation for enhanced outcomes in personalized neurological therapies.

Graphene is further described as "The thinnest material known to perfectly tailor stimulation to target brain anatomy."

Anyone who says graphene isn't being used to control human neurology is either completely ignorant of the state of modern neuroscience or is deliberately lying to you.

To clarify again, we are not saying that INBRAIN Neuroelectronics is involved in any criminal program, nor that they are involved in covid vaccines. As with any technology, graphene-based biocircuits can be used for both good and evil, depending on the ethics and motivations of those who control the technology . No doubt there are many positive uses for this technology, but as with most technologies that were once touted as empowering humanity – television, vaccines, the internet, nuclear power, robotics, etc. – they all end up in the hands of mad, genocidal globalists who use them as weapons against humanity.

In other words, there is no technology that madmen won't use to enslave humanity and increase their own power and control. Graphene biocircuits give power-hungry lunatics direct access to your brain, and according to many analysts (see below), vaccines provide an excuse to inject human victims with graphene-based substances that self-assemble into biocircuits in the human brain.

CLAIM: Covid vaccines contain high levels of graphene oxide, which self-assembles into biochains by collecting elements (such as iron) from human blood

Like reports , a group called La Quinta Columna has analyzed covid vaccines and found that the 98% to 99% of the non-liquid mass in the vaccine appears to be graphene oxide. Ricardo Delgado, speaking about La Quinta Columna, says:

A phenomenon that was denied for a long time, but today it has already been proven. There are millions of videos of people traveling the world. Videos of this phenomenon of, let's call it "pseudomagnetism acquired after inoculation", but it can be acquired in other ways. So, after doing this basic epidemiological study, we started to wonder what materials or nanomaterials could cause magnetism in the body. And not only magnetism, but this can act as energy capacitors, because I also measured in a multimeter an important charge…

This is an electromagnetic induction phenomenon in the metal that sticks near the inoculation area. We also found that the magnetism then moves towards the head. And this is very important. Certainly for the purpose they may seek. In addition, a potential difference is measured with a multimeter: the person becomes a superconductor. That is, it emits and receives signals. And when we discovered the materials that could cause these kinds of changes in the body, we started talking about graphene. We suspected that it was graphene oxide because it had all the characteristics that magnetizing humans exhibit after inoculation.

Graphene is toxic, it is a chemical, a toxic chemical agent. Introduced into the body in large quantities, causes blood clots. It causes blood clots. We have all the scientific papers to back it up. It causes post-inflammatory syndrome, it causes a change in the immune system. And when the redox balance is disturbed, in the sense that there is less of the body's own glutathione reserve than an introduced toxicant such as graphene oxide, it generates a collapse of the immune system and a cytokine storm. In other words, something very similar to fashion sickness, right?

Watch the video here:

Delgado goes on to state:

And given that all people who are vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, which was the one we sent for analysis, as well as Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson, Janssen, Sinovac and all kinds of vaccines acquire magnetic properties, we suspect with many signs that they all contain more or less doses of graphene, graphene oxide.

…we know that it is N-acetylcysteine or glutathione that degrades graphene oxide. Therefore, we believe that we are probably hitting directly on the causative or etiological agent of the disease.

In today's Situation Update podcast, I go into more detail about this exotic nanotechnology, including "self-assembling" graphene biochain nanostructures and how they can build an antenna to receive commands or instructions from external electromagnetic fields.

If this is happening, it means that global governments may be able to control the vaccinated masses by broadcasting signals from 5G cell towers. Although it sounds like science fiction, this technology has already been proven in mice experiments involving both SPIONs (Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles) for Targeted Tissue Drug Delivery , as well "magneto" proteins that achieve neuromodulation (brain control).

In today's podcast I also discuss Elon Musk's underground tunnels and underground cities/bases and why I think the globalists know about extinction level event, which threatens the very survival of human civilization. Full details here:



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